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2021 at Screeb

Michael Hirbec
Cofounder & CEO at Screeb

Hi everyone 👋

Here at Screeb we hope that you had a successful and project-filled 2021!

We wanted to say thank you for your support this year, and especially for the launch of our campaign on Product Hunt. You’ve been a great help to us, and that is priceless! If you want to know more about the experience, you can read this article about our launch and our tips. 

At Screeb, 2021 has been a particularly emotional year. We’ve learned a lot, through successes and doubts. Every day, we work hard to give a voice to your users and provide an intuitive and engaging feedback solution. 

We’ve launched a lot of new features on our product, to help you get even more feedback from your users. 

Collect feedback everywhere, at any time

In the first half of 2021, we opened up access to Screeb, allowing our users to create their own in-app surveys. This was followed by the release of our mobile SDKs. We have enabled people to deploy our solution on Android and iOS apps, to reach their users at key points in their journey. With our mobile SDKs, you can now gather feedback on every device! 

Reach out to your users and analyse your responses effectively

We’ve also completed the interface and experience of our product, offering more visual, analytical and personalisation features. With an intuitive and graphical dashboard, these new features allow you to better understand user feedback, and identify key elements of your products. The visual and personalisation features also offer an opportunity to provide content that is perfectly tailored to your business to increase your response rates.

Make Screeb part of your daily life 

By developing new integrations to Screeb, such as Segment, Productboard or Harvestr, Screeb has become accessible in your daily life. It is a new way to collect even more accurate data, and above all to transfer them from one tool to another without any difficulties. Thanks to it, you can collect quality feedback that can be easily analysed and acted on. 

Find inspiration in our customer templates

The greatest inspirations are found in our customers’ use of Screeb. They demonstrate their creativity on a daily basis, and some of them started to share their best practice with the rest of us with great survey templates. In 2022, we will continue to invest a lot to become an even more collaborative tool, to save you time while being efficient in your data collection. 

In the last few weeks, we’ve reached 150 users, which shows a turning point and great prospects for 2022. 

Today, we are convinced that with all these new features, and the ones coming in 2022, Screeb is the perfect tool for you to collect your user feedback in a much more personalised and intuitive way.

So thanks again for this amazing year, and here is to 2022!

The whole team wishes you a very happy holiday season!


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