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Defining Screeb's Core Values

We are a young but ambitious company. So we know that we will have to onboard new team members, this is the occasion for us to step back a little, and talk about our values.

Screeb story
Photo de Clément Gauthier
Clément Gauthier
Defining Screeb's Core Values

A few days ago, the Screeb team was out of office for its first Summer Camp! A few weeks after launching our beta and pivoting from our first project, it was the occasion for us to step back a little, celebrate our first achievements and work together on some strategic topics for the future.

Since March, the team has been working from home and so it was the first time after the lockdown that we were all together at the same place.

In addition to having a really great time on the French western coast (as you can see on our Instagram account), we worked on various topics, including our core values.


We are a young but ambitious company. So we know that we will have to onboard new team members in the coming weeks and months. For us, having defined clear values is one of the most efficient tools to evaluate the culture fit of a candidate.

Also, we want those values to be actionnable in our daily lives, becoming a tool to settle debates or to guide us when we have to make decisions.

So we wanted to define a few but actionnable values, based on things we truly believe in and not only vague keywords that you could find in any other startups.


We wanted everyone in the team to have the same opportunity of telling what was important for them. So we started by a time of personal reflexion about what we wanted to see in this company, and about how we wanted to operate.

Then, everyone shared what they wrote down with the rest of the group. We noted every single idea on a whiteboard to be sure that every idea was respected.

To finish, we identified the common ideas shared by everyone and imagined catchy ways of expressing those ideas, for us to remember them and for future team members to easily embrace them.

The result: Screeb's core values

Do Ask

Asking is at the heart of our mission: we help companies ask questions in a better way, to get better insights and take better decisions. So asking is our first core value, both for representing our purpose as a company, and to encourage team members to ask for help, for feedback or when they don't understand something. Ask to improve in your day to day job, and to improve the performances of our customers.

Be Open

Because openness to our customers' ecosystem is at the heart of our product strategy, it had to be one of our core values. But also because we believe in transparency, in empathy with our users and other team members. We truly believe that being open to diversity of genders, origins, religions is key and that we have to respect other opinions.

Be Useful

To our customers, first. Screeb has to be something they value because it brings them something tangible. But Screeb, as a company, also has to be useful to its team members. So we want to focus on their well being (both physical and mental) and on their careers. Screeb must be a place where they can grow and that will be supportive of their projects. We want them to be proud of what they do at Screeb.

And, last but not least, we want to be useful to the community, to the society. We want to help in any way we can on topics that matter for us and  for the world.

Go Forward

As a tech company, we have to move fast, we have to take risks, we have to innovate while being excellent. The level of expectancy of our users is high but we have to exceed those expectations. Still, we must build a robust and reliable solution and to do that we believe in clear ownership and in taking responsibilities.

Be Real

We believe that to succeed, we have to be ourselves. We have to be honest with others and with ourselves. Integrity is key for a healthy work environment and to be able to deliver a great product. We have to celebrate every success, every achievement, so party is important at Screeb.

Do you recognise yourself in those values? Send us a message and join the team!

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