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Our ProductHunt launch: what we’ve learned + our complete results

On December 8, 2021, we’ve launched our first campaign on Product Hunt with a simple goal: to share our new Free NPS offer with the world. This part of our product is now free and we wanted as many people to be aware of it and to understand why we were doing that. We’ve learned […]

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NPS is now a commodity and it should be free. Here’s why we’ve decided to make it free for any companies in the world.

Get a Live Demo of our Free NPS In a world where billions of people use everyday applications on web and mobile, the main challenge for companies is to build the best products and services with a greater user experience to maintain their growth and exceed their customer’s expectations. Screeb’s mission is to give people […]

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Free NPS survey: why you should stop paying for NPS

Nearly every software company measure its NPS. It’s almost mandatory to track it to understand how your users feel about your product and have some insights about their intention to continue to use it. It’s one of the first metric followed by startups, sometimes even before generating revenues and most investors ask for a regular […]

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How to use NPS as a startup

What is Net Promoter Score? NPS is often described as a key indicator in a lot of industries. By its ability to measure the level of loyalty of your customers, it’s seen as a north star metric for thousands of companies and we can understand why: who doesn’t want to know if their customers will […]

Net Promoter Score NPS

Net Promoter Score: understanding and measuring your NPS with Screeb

Think about the last important purchases you made: a TV, a car, you last vacations… I bet that for most of them, you took advice from your friends or family. And that if someone recommended a product to you, your level of confidence in that recommendation was pretty high. Actually, we know that advice from […]

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