Create precise segment of users

Collect contextual feedback by targeting the right users

Use our out of the box behavioural targeting conditions or your own user data to build precise user segments and display your survey to the right cohort of users, right in your app.

Create user segments in minutes.

We provide you with behavioural segmentation conditions so you can target your users based on the part of your app their using, the time spent on it, their device, etc.

And you won't need to code anything or to make any technical intervention in your app for them to work!


Segment with your own user data

You know your users better than anyone. So use the information your have about them to create tailored segments and push your surveys to precise cohorts.


Share your data with us

Use our tag to send us any relevant user data you'll use to build your segment. We are GDPR compliant and those data will remain anonymous!


Create your tailored segments

Use your data to create precise segments: amount of MRR, role, company ID... anything can become a targeting condition!


Filter your Reports

Filter all our pre-built dashboard with your data to analyse precisely who answered what, identify patterns and act proactively.

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