How the Odopass mobile app uses Screeb for its User Research

Simon Robic
Head of Product & Marketing at Screeb

Created in January 2021, Odopass is a free mobile app available on the Apple App Store and on the Google Play Store. It helps people secure their used car transactions by sharing the maintenance history. Previous owners, technical specifications, invoices… everything is stored to reassure buyers who need clear information when they’re buying a car. They even have access to the Odoscore, an indicator made to compare cars on a scale from A to E.

On their side, sellers can gather every information they have about their car to show its quality and build trust with their potential customers. 

In addition, buyers can subscribe to a legal insurance to protect themselves from a potential dispute with sellers and be fully confident.

Downloaded more than 160,000 times since its launch and often in the Play Store Top 10 for the Automotive category, Odopass did quickly become a must-have for every car owner!

Use Case Screeb x Odopass

Discover how Odopass, a leading mobile app to secure car transactions, use Screeb for its user research. Learn more about how our User Analytics and in-app micro surveys help them to make informed decisions and increase their acquisition, adoption and retention.
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