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How to collect product feedback from your users with Screeb

Simon Robic
Head of Product & Marketing @Screeb

At Screeb, we are a SaaS company and our team founded or worked at various other SaaS companies in the past. So believe me: we know how important it is to talk regularly to our users to build the best product as possible.

We also know that it’s sometimes hard to do it without crushing your user experience. How to collect useful feedback, with enough context from your users, without interrupting its journey while being sure that you’ll get enough insights to take the right decisions?

This is precisely why we’ve built Screeb for: to solve those issues.

Table of contents

  • What is a product feedback?
  • How to collect product feedback with Screeb?
  • When to collect product feedback?
  • Start collecting product feedback with Screeb

What is a product feedback?

A product feedback is an information collected from a user about your product: stuff they like, stuff they love, missing features, needed improvement, delightful or broken experiences, etc.

They are key insights for product team to really understand what works or what is missing in your product, especially when you categorize and then prioritize those feedback.

Great tool like Productboard are amazing to gather and prioritize feedback. The key is to be able to collect them at the right moment, and to collect enough of them to have a good representation of what your users want.

How to collect product feedback with Screeb?

With Screeb, you can add a Short Text or a Long Text type of question to your survey, for your users to be able to freely write what they feel about your product.

Depending on what you want to get feedback, you can ask several types of questions. To ask for new feature suggestions, you can ask something like “If you had a magic wand, what new feature would you like to add to [name of your product]?”. If you’ve just released a new feature, you can say “Hey! This feature is new and we would like to know what you think about it!”. Or other variations like “What should we do to wow you?”, “What’s the main feature that you like in our product?” etc.

When to collect product feedback?

There are 4 main touchpoints you can use to collect product feedback:

1️⃣ A page of your product you want to improve

If you identified a part of your product that you want to improve, deploying a Screeb survey on that page is one the most easiest yet useful thing to do. Every time a new user will go to that page, the survey will be displayed asking them what they would change here. This way, you can catch your user in the right context, where you want to make changes, with a higher chance to get rich feedback.

2️⃣ After a new release

If you just released a new feature in your product, use that occasion to directly ask to your users what they think about it. It’s also a way for you to present briefly your new feature and get immediate response from your users. Add it in your Launch Success Metrics!

3️⃣ Within another survey

If you already deployed a Net Promoter Score or a Customer Effort Score survey, use them to ask for feedback to explain their score. With Screeb, you can even add specific questions based on the score they gave. For example, if you have a NPS survey running in your app, and if some people give you a score lower than 6, you can add a question asking “what new feature or product improvement should we do to increase your satisfaction?”. On the opposite, if someone gives you a 9 or a 10, you can ask which feature do they particularly like and why?

4️⃣ With a specific action in your interface

If you don’t want the Screeb survey to appear in your product, you can still add a dedicated button in your interface, as Stripe did. On clic, your survey will appear and your user will be able to answer.

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