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How to grow your email list without using annoying popups

Simon Robic
Head of Product & Marketing @Screeb

Raise your hand if you like popups!

That’s what I thought: no one likes popups. Especially in a world that became mobile first, popups are annoyingly interruptive and are basically crushing your visitors experience, especially if we add consent management panels and other blocks that interfere with your content. But since popups are a really powerful tool to reach key goals like growing your email list, you kind of have to use them, right?

Because, popups are a performing solution, right?

Well… Actually, they’re not. The leading popup software in the world explains that the average conversion rate for popups is 3,09%. It means that you have to interrupt 100 of your visitors to collect 3 email addresses. Some solution says that their top performing users have a 15% conversion rate, which is better, but still : it means you only collect 15 email addresses per 100 annoyed visitors.

So: how do you grow your email list without annoying your visitors or users with popups? By using Screeb!

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Why growing your email list is important?

In the social media era, we could think that growing an email list for a business is not important anymore. But actually, it has major advantages that make it still a priority for companies:

First, people choose to signup to your email list. And they have to confirm their subscription within your first email. So you’re sure those people are real people interested by your company. And once they’ve signup, you have the ability to qualify your list and then target your email campaigns to the right persons, making it one of the most performing channels.

Most of email marketing solutions let you customise your content to add personal information such as the name of your recipients. Those little details make email really impactful for marketers.

If you want to, the emails that you send can be the beginning of conversations with your subscribers. Most of the times, companies prefer to block replies (with famous no-reply addresses), but actually it could be a powerful channel for building personal relationships with your customers, in an app they use several times a day.

Finally, you own your list. You don’t own your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat followers. Those platforms own them. It means that if they decide to change the way you can reach them, you can’t do anything about it. Numerous examples of companies who did all-in on social media experienced it and had to rebuild audiences elsewhere after major policy changes from a platform.

So growing your list is key. But to do it in an efficient-yet-not-annoying way is not that simple.

Well, actually now it is with Screeb.

How to grow your email list with Screeb?

With Screeb, you can add an Email type of question to your survey, from our questions library. It will ask your visitors for their email and will validate that the format of their address is correct. Then, you can connect in one clic that answer to your favorite email solution: Mailchimp, MailerLite, Sendinblue, Constant Contact, Mailjet, Revue, etc.

With an average conversion rate of 70% without interrupting your visitors, that’s definitely the most efficient way of growing your email list!

When to collect email addresses?

You can collect email addresses in many places on your website. Right on the homepage, on blog post, on ressources pages… The most efficient strategy is to do it on rich content pages. On a guide, on a long blog post, etc. The idea is to say: “if you like this content, you could receive more of them if you subscribe.”

Also, a really efficient approach is to offer something in exchange of the sign-up, like a coupon. Deploy that on your product pages, or when your visitors are ready to leave your website, to have the best performances.

Measure your email collection performances

To know if your strategy is successful, you’ll track two metrics.

1️⃣ The conversation rate. In Screeb with show the number of times you asked for an email (the number of times your Screeb survey asking for an email address has been displayed to a visitor), and the number of emails your collected. And we calculate a conversion rate (number of collected addresses / number of displays * 100%).

Remember: on average with popups you would get a 3,09% conversation rate. If you’re above that, your strategy with Screeb is working!

2️⃣ The quality of your collected addresses. That won’t happen in Screeb but in your emailing software. Track precisely the open rate and the clic rate of your emails, especially those of people coming from a Screeb survey. That will help you to improve your collection strategy overtime.

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