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Use Case Screeb x Odopass

Discover how Odopass, a leading mobile app to secure car transactions, use Screeb for its user research. Learn more about how our User Analytics and in-app micro surveys help them to make informed decisions and increase their acquisition, adoption and retention.
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Mobile In-App Surveys

Mobile First In-App Surveys Experience

Adapt surveys to your brand
identity and product experience


Collect more user feedback by showing
who is asking the question among your team


Designed for quick interactions

Our customers have a 60% response rate in average to their surveys, with 90% people answering in less than 30 seconds.


Get More 5-Stars Reviews 🌟

Display App Store Rating popin after survey responses to get more reviews from happy users and generate more downloads for your app!

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Segment your users

Ask the right users, in context

Display surveys and ask for App Store Ratings at the most relevant moments in your users' journey. Use our ready-to use targeting conditions or segment your users with your own data.

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The Most Natural Way to Ask for a Feedback

Our visual survey builder lets you craft engaging survey experience and ask for App Store ratings based on what your users already told you.

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Screeb: The Best Getfeedback Alternative

Available for iOS and Android

Our mobile SDKs are available for native iOS and Android apps. We also provide plugins for Flutter and React Native for you to use Screeb as easily as possible, whatever technical choice you made.

Analyse your in-app feedback
with our pre-built reports

See how people are using your app

users liam

Our mission is to help you better understand your users: how they behave in your app and how they feel about it.

Our pre-built reports will help you analyze user feedback: stunning charts, powerful filters, exports... You can even set automatic notifications in Slack to never miss anything!


Get qualitative insights to improve your product

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We're Integrating with your Product Stack

We're partnering with the key solutions of your Product Stack. Use your Segment events and identities to display and analyze your surveys, push user feedback to Productboard to build your roadmap, link Screeb to Notion to share insights with other teams...

Feedback are useful when they're shared and not locked in silos.


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