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Your users are more than numbers

As a B2B SaaS, every user counts. Being able to understand them, see how they use your product, how they feel about it and how they would like to see it evolve is key to retain them.

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Building a strong understanding about our users was one of our main goals.

We have several types of users and they want different things from us. Screeb helps us to valide our hypotheses by mixing quantitative and qualitative data. We use it on every projects to dig into problems and open new solution horizons.

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We have dozens of expert written templates

Not sure about what you should ask to your users? We got you covered with our expert written templates. We built them for you to ask questions on every key aspects of your product.

product feedback

Collect Product Feedback

Get actionable product feedback to improve your product over time.

sign up experience

Evaluate Sign Up Experience

Evaluate the sign up experience of your users and understand user expectations when they chose you.

ease of use

Gauge your Product Ease of Use

Measure your product usability and identify improvements to make.

customer effort score

Customer Effort Score

Measure the level of effort needed to use your product.


Prioritize Features

Identify which features your users are waiting for and act on your roadmap to improve your user experience.


Gauge your Product Value

Understand how valuable your product is for your users.

user experience

Evaluate User Experience

Measure core aspects of the experience of your product.


Build Your Product Roadmap

Ask your users for what you should add in your product and use this survey to build your roadmap.


Product Reliability

Measure the level of reliability and performance of your product and identify opportunities of improvements.

onboarding experience

Onboarding Experience

Evaluate the onboarding experience of your product and spot improvements.

feature satisfaction

Gauge Feature Satisfaction

Understand user satisfaction about a specific feature and identify opportunities to improve it.

Best in class pre-built dashboards

We help you spot improvement opportunities with our pre-built dashboards. User satisfaction, Customer Effort Score, NPS, Content Analysis... Use our reports to have a clear understanding of your users and act sooner.

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We integrate with your daily tools

Deploy Screeb natively in your web and mobile apps or connect to Segment to use your existing tagging plan. Share insights and learnings in your daily product, customer success or marketing tools to act sooner.


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