Early adopters feedback is a gift 🎁

 Talk to your users from day 1

Collecting feedback from your first users and build upon them is key to succeed. Screeb helps you to do that, and much more.


Your first users are the most important

Have a clear understanding of how your first users adopt your product and how they feel about it. Ask them what they like and spot what you should do next to retain them and acquire more users in the future.

Group 11

Building a strong understanding about our users was one of our main goals.

We have several types of users and they want different things from us. Screeb helps us to valide our hypotheses by mixing quantitative and qualitative data. We use it on every projects to dig into problems and open new solution horizons.

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Start with NPS, it's free

When you're an early stage startup, every dollar counts. So start with our Free NPS survey and reports and initiate a feedback culture in your company.

Track the level of satisfaction of your users and get actionable feedback about how you can transform them into promoters.

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Only relying on analytics would be a mistake

In the first weeks of your product, you can't rely only on analytics as you won't have enough data. Add surveys and feedback collection to your performance tracking strategy and get a clear understanding of your users and why they act like that.


Breakthrough respondent experience

Screeb radically changes the way you can collect feedback from your users directly in your app.


Powerful targeting

Display your surveys after core actions of your product and understand how people adopt them.



In a blink, understand who are your users, how they use your product and why they act like this. See what they like and what they want next.

Stop betting on your perception and use facts to make better decisions

We combine quantitative and qualitative data coming from our surveys to help you spot key improvement areas and act sooner.

Group 10

A month after deploying Screeb, the volume of feedback collected was already 3x higher than during the 12 previous months!

It helped me to prove the importance of feedback to the rest of my team. Our perspective completely changed when we got that many responses.

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