Screeb for SaaS Leadership Teams

Make Customer Centricity a reality in your organization.

Create alignment across your company and put your customers at the heart of your strategy, for real.


Get a clear understanding of how your users feel about your product and learn how to drive change in your organization.

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A clear overview to focus on what matters.

A real time view of your customers satisfaction, a list of risk and opportunities in your portfolio, the ability to work with people in charge of those accounts... everything you need to have a clear understanding of what's happening and how you can drive change.


With the available integrations, we've been able to automate our user feedback process without changing the habits of our Product Team.

Screeb helps us to really integrate our users in the conception of our product.

Pierre-Alexis Nicolas

Co-Founder @ Oqto


Global response rate


+31pts compared to the industry

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Start using Screeb today to create a continuous feedback loop

Screeb radically changes the way you can collect feedback from your users directly in your app. Start to really feel the pulse of your users and proactively act to increase your retention.

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Breakthrough respondent experience

Screeb radically changes the way you can collect feedback from your users directly in your app, without interrupting them.


Powerful segmentation

Create precise users segments to decide who will see your surveys, and when. Use our behavioural conditions or your own user data!


Pre-built dashboard for Leadership

Precisely understand what your users need and share key info with other teams to build your roadmap and iterate on your user experience.

🆕 Instant responses analysis keywords segmentation

Get a clear understanding of the content of your users' feedback with our Keywords Analysis report. Don't be afraid of asking open questions anymore and collect hundreds, thousands or millions of responses!

Which topics are important for unhappy users? What people are talking about when they are giving feedback on mobile? What is bothering users giving you a bad NPS? Now, you can have the answer to these questions in a blink!


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