Screeb is an Official Intercom Service Partner

Ask questions in Screeb, start conversations in Intercom.

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Use survey responses to start conversations with your users in Intercom. Enrich your Contacts data and deeply integrate Screeb in your messaging strategy.


Use key users information you have in Intercom to target your users and proactively display Screeb surveys.

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Screeb + Intercom = 💜

Every key features of Intercom is integrated with Screeb. Our goal: to make the association of Screeb and Intercom as efficient as possible!

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Survey responses in the Inbox

Access to the last survey responses of your users when you handle their conversations in the Intercom Inbox.

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Follow up from responses

A user gave you a bad satisfaction score? Automatically create a conversation in Intercom to follow up an solve their issue.

intercom segments

Display surveys with Intercom data

Use Intercom as a Customer Data Platform and display your Screeb in-app surveys to specific segments of users.

Get actionable feedback without ruining user experience

Screeb is the best way to ask in-app questions to your users and integrating it with Intercom is the insurance that you won't ruin their experience. Take full advantage of both platforms to have a complete understanding of your users needs.

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