Stop using online forms to ask questions and start improving your retention with conversational surveys.
Our goal: to transform insights into actions.

The way companies ask questions to their customers is broken.

We all need to ask questions to our customers. That's the way for us to conduct market study, concept testing, to measure NPS, Customer Satisfaction, Customer Effort Score, to collect Product Feedback, etc.

But traditional surveys create more problems than they solve: they interrupt your customers in their journey, they crush your user experience and so they get poor response rate.

In average, an online survey has a 12% response rate. Worse, those answers are biased. Since the answering experience is so bad, you only collect really happy or really angry people's answers.

You need answers, but the way your ask questions is broken.

Conversations are at the heart of our lives

Online conversations, messaging apps are now our preferred way to communicate. 5 billions persons are using a messaging app everyday. That's more users than on social media!
Still, most brands continue to think about them as gadgets, or only as a customer service channel.

People love conversations: embrace them!

Screeb's Conversational Surveys use the power of messaging formats to improve the quantity and quality of your insights

The most efficient way to ask questions is to do as you would in real life: by having conversations!

The most engaging survey format on the market

With a skyrocketing 70% response rate, we beat every other provider on the market. For you, it means more insights and better insights!

We care about the respondents

Our main focus is to improve the answering experience for your users and customers. That's how we manage to get your more answers and better insights.

Connect every single answer to your stack to transform your surveys into opportunities

What's the point of asking question if you can't act on the answers? With Screeb, you can connect every steps of your survey with the relevant solutions in your stack. Surveys can finally have an impactful role in your customer relationship management.

You are in command

Target, Design, Analyze, Repeat

Target your audience

Choose a channel, segment your customers and create the right audience for your conversational survey

Design your survey

Question types, wordings, logic jumps, pictures, emoji... you have a full control of how you want to talk to your users

Connect with your stack

Every single answer can be connected to a different tool! That's how you get more from your conversational surveys

Get precise reports

From raw data to content analysis: get a full understanding of who said what and how to use those information

A complete platform

Connected to your stack

Every single answer can be connected to your existing stack: CRM, ticketing solution, Slack, livechat...

Analyse your insights

Access to complete dashboards to truly understand your users and customers

Create and share survey in minutes

Create complete surveys in few clicks with our templates and easy-to-use logic jumps feature

Engaging formats

Use various types of engaging formats to encourage people to answer to your questions

Mobile first

We mainly browse the web on our mobile so our conversational surveys are designed for mobile

Target precise audiences

Use your data or our triggers to decide who you want to target and which customers segments you want to create

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