Screeb Messenger Panels

Available in France. More countries soon.

350k+ persons waiting for your questions

Sometimes, you need to go beyond your existing audience to ask questions. New products or services, market research, concept testing... you name it.

Our community of 350,000 persons are waiting for your questions! They joined our Messenger community and are now ready to receive your studies and give you precious insights.

You can even use this opportunity to ask questions without disclosing your brand and revealing your new projects to your competitors!

Precisely qualified panels

We constantly qualify our panels to be able to target precisely your questions to a group of relevant people.

Gender, age, city, occupation

Centers of interest

Online behaviour

We even have the possibility to target people looking alike your current customers

Wanna join us?

You want to join our panels? It's really simple: just clic on the button below and answer to a few questions directly in Facebook Messenger.

You'll then receive questions of our partners and may win some amazing gifts in return!

For people living in France only. More countries to open soon.

Want to know more?

Contact our teams of experts to have a complete demo of our Messenger Panels™ and launch your projet!