The Reasons Why Companies Choose Screeb over Typeform

Alternative to Typeform

You're looking for an alternative to Typeform? We've got you covered.

Reason #1

The Respondent Experience

Stop annoying your audience with traditional surveys and start asking the questions as you would in real life: by having conversations! While Typeform is already better than other surveys software, they continue to display forms elements.
At Screeb, we redesigned the survey experience from scratch, looking more at social media and messaging apps for inspiration. Our formats are rich, they generate engagement and our average response rate is way higher than the average response rate in the industry.

Reason #2

Smoothly integrate Screeb in your customer journey

Stop interrupting your customers with pop ups or emails and integrate your surveys into their journey. And, in addition of displaying Screeb on top of your website (and not in a specific area) , to be sure you'll collect insights from the relevant people, you can precisely target who, among your visitors, will be able to answers to your questions. Build your targeting strategy with data from your CRM, your DMP or your Customer Success suite, or use our targeting engine analyzing in real time the behaviour of your customers to trigger the survey at the right moment.

Reason #3

Connect *each* answer to your stack (Salesforce, Zendesk, Productboard...)

Typeform is a pretty opened platform. But you can't choose in which tool you want to send your data per question, you must do it per survey. At Screeb, we truly believe that your can transform your insights into actions and so we want you to be able to choose, for each answer you'll receive, where you want to push it.
At each step of your conversational survey, you can connect Screeb to any other tool in your stack for your teams to be able to act as soon as possible.

Reason #4

Ask questions everywhere

Your customers are not only on your website or in your email list. They contact you on Messenger or WhatsApp. With Screeb, you can ask them questions where they are, to reach everyone of them and increase your response rate.

Start Conversations. Improve Retention™

Engage with your customers via Conversational Surveys to improve your retention.

Customers segmentation

Create precise targeting rules based on your in-house data or on our browsing tracking engine.

Conversational Surveys

Get a better response rate with our engaging formats

Really connected to your stack

We connect each question of your surveys to the right tool in your organisation

Still not convinced?

Thousands of companies offer survey software today, and we're sure you've already tested a lot of them.
So we thought it would be easier for you if we'd just be real with you and share some of the top objections we hear about Screeb:

Objection #1

I'm already using a survey software

Survey software have two major flaws. First, most of your customers don't want to fill them. Actually, in average, only 12% of your target will answer your questions (that's the average response rate in the industry, as observed during interviews with 50+ companies in Europe using various online survey solutions). It means that you miss TONS of valuable insights from them that would help you increase your retention.
Then, since the survey experience is broken, the data you collect is biased. Most of the time, you'll only get answers from really happy or really angry customers. What about all the others?

At Screeb, we spent a lot of time focusing on the respondent experience. It must be appealing to give you answers. And so we started from scratch, being inspired by companies like Instagram, Intercom, iAdvize or Zenly and not by the traditional surveys.

And it works: in average, our response rate is above 70% when the norm in the industry is around 12%. So even if you are already using another software, you should change to improve the quantity and the quality of insights you'll collect.

Objection #2

I'm not sure we should integrate surveys right in our app, we should continue sharing them by email

First of all: you can do that with Screeb. Every survey has an unique URL you can share wherever you want.

Second, as CEB (a leading consulting firm in the customer experience industry) demonstrated back in 2010, your customers loyalty (= their willingness to repurchase products from you, or to continue using your solution) is massively impacted by the level of effort they have to put into their relationship with you. So the more you'll simplify the way you ask questions, the more it will be in their journey, without interrupting them, the more and better insights you'll get.

Objection #3

I'm not sure I'll be able to justify the cost of your solution

Well, keep in mind that we have a free plan for everyone to use, companies and individuals, so it's a great way to try Screeb and see how it fits in your organisation.
Also, if a great part of companies budget is focused on acquiring new customers, we also know that retaining them is key. And with Screeb, you'll have a great solution for that.
By being able to ask questions, collect product feedbacks, measure NPS, Satisfaction or Customer Effort Score and by pushing those insights in your stack, you'll react sooner, detect more opportunities and strengthen your relationship with your customers. And that's a real return on investment.

Objection #4

We're going to re-design our website

So now is the best moment to deploy Screeb! You'll be able to collect invaluable insights that you help you re-design your website, better understand why your customers are using it and detect opportunities of improvement.
So don't wait!

Objection #5

We're are already using live chat (like Intercom)

That's great! Our cofounders worked at the leading European live chat company before founding Screeb, so we are pretty familiar with those. But we don't work against live chat software, we work with them! For example, if you detect that your customer is unhappy thanks to Screeb, you can handle its case in Intercom, iAdvize or Crisp thanks to our connections with them.
Also, you can use our targeting engine to decide to which customers you want to push a survey, or to push live chat.

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