Screeb for Customer Success teams

Take the pulse of your portfolio, at scale.

Being able to monitor your portfolio to identify opportunities and be proactive on at-risk customers is key. But doing it at scale is a real challenge.

This is why we created Screeb: use in-app surveys to take the pulse of your customers, understand their needs and act as soon as possible.


Reach your customers right in your product, without interrupting them.

Collecting user feedback is key to truly identify their needs. But the way we collect them is broken: nobody answer to email survey anymore and in-app popups ruin your users' experience. That’s why we made Screeb — a customer feedback loop solution easy to deploy that your customer will love to answer.

NPS conversationnel

Breakthrough respondent experience

Screeb radically changes the way you can collect feedback from your users directly in your app, without interrupting them.


Powerful segmentation

Create precise users segments to decide who will see your surveys, and when. Use our behavioural conditions or your own user data!


Pre-built dashboard for CS teams

Precisely understand what your users need and share key info with other teams to build your roadmap and iterate on your user experience.

Identify risk and opportunities in a blink.

Use our pre-built dashboards to identify which customers are at-risk to act sooner. See the expansion opportunities at happy customers and seize them to reach your goals.


🆕 Instant responses analysis keywords segmentation

Get a clear understanding of the content of your users' feedback with our Keywords Analysis report. Don't be afraid of asking open questions anymore and collect hundreds, thousands or millions of responses!

Which topics are important for unhappy users? What people are talking about when they are giving feedback on mobile? What is bothering users giving you a bad NPS? Now, you can have the answer to these questions in a blink!


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