Integrate your Screeb in-app surveys with Zapier

Automate workflows from your in-app surveys with the Screeb integration for Zapier

Connect every step of your in-app surveys with Zapier and unlock the power of this leading automation platform.

With Zapier, connect Screeb to thousands of tools like Airtable, Hubspot, Salesforce, Mailchimp or Google Sheets.

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Examples of automation possible with screeb and zapier

Unlimited possibilities

With more than 3,000 compatible solutions, the Screeb integration with Zapier will make any connection virtually possible. Here a few example of how our customers with Screeb with Zapier.

google sheets

Save survey responses in Google Sheets

Collect new Screeb responses as rows in a Google Sheet to save them and import them in any other tool you want.


Create a new record in Airtable from new Screeb reponses

Connect Screeb to one of the most popular NoCode solution out there and save your responses as records in Airtable.


Create new features in Productboard from Screeb surveys

Automatically create a new feature in Productboard for every product feedback you collect in an in-app Screeb survey.


Get Slack notification for new Screeb responses

Be alerted of every new responses you get directly in Slack, so your team can keep an eye on what's happening.

Enrich your customer profiles in with Screeb responses

Create new customers and enrich their profile in using responses you collect from Screeb surveys.


Create a ticket in Zendesk from a Screeb survey

If someone gives you a bad satisfaction or NPS score, automatically create a ticket in Zendesk to proactively act on this user.


Create Trello Cards from new Screeb responses

Create a todo list of the feedback you collect right in Trello to share them with your team and act more quickly.


Create Hubspot contacts when a Screeb survey is filled

Use information you collect in an in-app Screeb survey to create a new contact in Hubspot and integrate it in your marketing strategy.


And many more!

Thousands of other solutions are compatible with Zapier and so with Screeb!

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