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NPS is a Commodity.

So We Made it Free.

That's right: stop paying to measure your NPS!

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With Screeb, you get answers

In average, NPS surveys have a 12% response rate. That's not enough to know if your users are satisfied or not. As we radically change the way we display surveys in you app, you'll collect more answers and will be able to fully trust the data you'll gather.

Screeb surveys have an average response rate of 60%!

Identify detractors, ambassadors and neutral users to act proactively and transform NPS into a really useful information.

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Thanks to Screeb, we've collected hundreds of customer feedback and we've been able to measure our NPS.

Screeb became essential for us to collect feedback on a regular basis and to analyze them quickly!

Audrey Brullon

CEO@ Lamacompta


Why you should stop paying to measure NPS:

We believe that NPS is now a commodity. It's kind of mandatory to measure it but, at the same time, this is not where you'll get the more precise and actionable feedback from your users.

You should not pay for something that is mandatory but not that powerful. So we make NPS free.

With Screeb, you collect NPS for free without any limitation on your number of users or the number of responses you'll collect.


Measure NPS on your Web App and on iOS and Android. For free.

Deploy Screeb in two clicks with our Javascript Tag, compatible with Google Tag Manager. On mobile, use our native SDKs for iOS and Android to measure your NPS right in your app without paying anymore!

Go beyond NPS with Screeb

With more than 30 ready-to-use survey templates and pre-built dashboards, you can  go beyond NPS and track the quality of your customer experience, build your product roadmap and prevent churn. In a blink.

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30+ survey templates

Start from scratch or use one of our 30+ templates to deploy a new survey in a blink.


Pre-built dashboards

Product Market Fit, Customer Effort Score, Churn Prevention... Get precise insights to grow your business.



Collecting responses and insights is just the beginning. Share information with concerned teams and push data in your stack to act proactively.

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