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Monthly Tracked Users are the number of unique users who triggered at least one event in your app in the last month. To estimate your number of MTUs, add your Monthly Active Users to the number of anonymous visitors you get every month.
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Up to 500 MTUs
1 Team Member
Key features
Web & Mobile SDK
2 Live In-App Surveys
Access to all our in-app survey templates
1 Funnel Report
Targeting on user properties & events
Livechat Support
For early-stage startup and small e-commerce companies.
Unlimited Team Members
Key features
Unlimited Surveys
Unlimited Responses
Unlimited Funnel Reports
Feedback Analysis with AI
Full Catalog of Integrations
Priority Livechat Support
For scale up startups and e-commerce who want to get insights from their customers
Let’s talk!
Unlimited Respondents
Unlimited Team Members
Key features
Everything in Scale
Advanced Survey Graphical Customisation
Dedicated Customer Success Manager
Technical support
Made for companies requiring a full-featured solution to improve customer retention.

Made for every product team

B2B SaaS
Screeb helps us to spot product improvements and to align our teams on the right priorities. It became a central tool for our Product Team to build the future of accounting software.

Arthur Waller

CEO @Pennylane

B2C Mobile App
Our industry is highly competitive so we need to craft the best app on the market.Screeb helps us to that at every stage of our projects.

Louay Ali

Principal Product Owner @Rabbit

Checking Screeb is now the first thing I do every morning. It helps us to spot frictions and improvement opportunities that we’ve never discovered before.

Florian Ardérighi

Head of Product @Smallable

The All-In-One solution to accelerate
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Monthly Tracked Users
Up To 500
501 - 1,000,000
Team Members
User Rights Management
Data Retention
30 Days
365 Days
On Demand
List of users
DAU & MAU Metrics
User Profiles
User Properties
Event Tracking
User Segments
Segment Analytics
Funnel Report
1 Funnel Report
In-App Surveys for Web & Mobile Apps
2 Live Surveys
Template Library
Conversational Survey Format
Cards Survey Format
Complete Survey Builder with Logic Jumps
Targeting on browsing behaviour
Targeting on User Events & Properties
Recurring Surveys
Survey Capping
Multi-Lingual Survey
Slack & Email Alerts
Segment (Source & Destination)
Rudderstack (Source & Destination)
Help Center
Access to Screeb Community
Dedicated Onboarding
Livechat Support
Dedicated CSM

Frequently Asked Questions

Prioritizing the right improvements is hard. When you know who is actually using your product and what they want to see next, it becomes so simple.

What is a Monthly Tracked User?

Monthly Tracked Users are the number of unique users who triggered at least one event in your app in the last month. For SaaS or mobile apps, MTUs are usually the number of users who logged in during the month. If most of your users are not logged in, then MTU is similar to Monthly Unique Sessions.

Do you offer annual payments?

Yes we do. When you choose annual payments, we even offer a month of subscription to thank your for your commitment with Screeb!

What happens when I exceed my MTU quota?

When the number of MTU reaches your plan limit, Screeb will reject new users. You will still be able to display surveys and collect data for this audience.

For example, if you bought a 100k MTU plan, for an application having 200k monthly users, Screeb will collect data and target surveys to the first 100k active users each month.

Is there a way to try Screeb before subscribing?

All our paying plans come with a 14 days trial. If you need, we can even make it longer.

Are you GDPR compliant?

All our data are hosted in France and our infrastructure is 100% GDPR compliant. You can read more about that here.

How many responses can I get with Screeb?

With Screeb, you don't have any limitation on the number of responses you can get. Our average response rate is between 40 and 60%. It means that for 100 users, you could get 60 responses per survey, or even more.Since you also don't have any limitation on the number of surveys you can share with your users, the numbers of

What do you mean by 'Survey Capping'?

Capping is a feature enabling you to control the number of surveys a user will see while using your app and/or the number of displays and responses you want per survey. You can also use this feature to block any display until your users trigger an event of your choice.

Where can I deploy Screeb?

You can display Screeb surveys anywhere you want: in your web app (SaaS), in your iOS app, or in your Android app. Our mobile SDKs are also compatible with Flutter and React Native.

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