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Screeb for
Voice of Customer

Your All-in-One Voice of Customer tool to build a Powerful VoC Program

Gather, Analyze, and Act on thousands of Customer Feedbacks to improve products, services, and overall Customer Experience.
Full Stack
GDPR Compliant

Voice of Customer

Teams Love Screeb

Increase of CSAT
Increase of NPS
Avg. Response Rate
Voice Project Manager
Head of Customer Voice
Before using our

We know that

Voice of Customer

can be painful without the right tool

I’m struggling with using Complex Survey Tools That Fail in the Basics
I’m overwhelmed by a massive volume of Feedback across various channels
I’m overwhelmed by a massive volume of Feedback across various channels


What should have been a gold mine rapidly becomes a nightmare for

Voice of Customer


Misinterpretation of customer feedback
Opportunities are missed
Misaligned Product Roadmap
Tarnished Brand reputation
Dissatisfied customers
Product changes not resonating with customer needs

Solve that with Screeb

Voice of Customer

A unique tool to easily capture and & centralize thousands of Customer Feedbacks

Target the right customer at the right moment and capture 60% of your Customer Feedbacks with our high engaging in-App Voice of Customer survey.

What makes us different:

  • Highly engaging Text, Audio & Video In-App Survey for Web & Mobile Apps
  • Precise targeting rules
  • Library of Voice of Customer templates
  • 4,7/5 Ease-of-Use on Capterra
  • Best Response Rate on the market: 60% in average!


on Survey Response Rate compared to email surveys for Nespresso after using Screeb.
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Voice of Customer
Analytics Tool

We transform quantitative & qualitative data into meaningful and actionable insights

Our platform goes beyond basic analysis to intelligently highlights actionable insights, turning complex and massive volume of Feedbacks into clear and strategic directives. This means no more missed opportunities.

  • UX Funnel Report & Real-Time Analysis
  • Voice of Customer Metrics: NPS, CES, Csat...
  • Customer-Centric insights
  • Integrations: Amplitude, Segment, Notion, Slack...

3 to 5

new pain points spotted by month by Smallable with Screeb
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Developing and Implementing your

Implement & monitor changes based on these insights in a unique Platform

Our platform provide features to inform users of your changes and monitor their impact on the customer experience, ensuring that every change made is data-driven and impactful.

  • Team communication boost
  • Automated releases logging
  • In-App messages for Web & Mobile
  • Releases Dashboard


impact on Product Adoption (in average) for our customers
Why choosing Screeb?

Why choosing Screeb as your Voice of Customer tool?

Because we are the only GDPR compliant platform where you can build an entire Customer Feedback program. Also, we've been rewarded for our performance, ease-of-use and ease of implementation.
  • GDPR Compliant: our data are hosted in France
  • Strong performances on response rate
  • Ease of technical deployment
  • Ease of use & smooth UX
  • Integrated with the rest of your stack: Amplitude, Segment, Notion, Slack, Jira, Contentsquare...
  • A team dedicated to your success: technical support available via livechat, customer success manager, month reviews...
"Very fastly, I think it was about one or two weeks, we got more than a thousand answers with a beautiful response rates and we learned tons of things."
Marion Turbet
Head of Product @ Epsor
Limited ressources for your
Voice of Customer

Your team has limited ressources?
Don't worry, you can do more with less.

After implementing Screeb, our customers save 10 days by month for their teams in average.
That's 120 days per year saved on your budget! Estimate the impact for your own organisation
  • GDPR Compliant: our data are hosted in France
  • Strong performances on response rate
  • Ease of technical deployment
  • Ease of use & smooth UX
  • Integrated with the rest of your stack: Amplitude, Segment, Notion, Slack, Jira, Contentsquare...
  • A team dedicated to your success: technical support available via livechat, customer success manager, month reviews...

Limited Budget?

ROI Calculator
Estimate how much you could save by implementing a Customer Feedback tool

Not sure?

Read our guide: why investing in a Customer Feedback platform?
We compiled all arguments to explain to your company why investing in a Customer Feedback platform

Why Screeb?

Benchmark of all main Customer Feedback tools
We created a complete benchmark with Pros & Cons of Screeb and our competitors

Frequently Asked Questions

You may still have questions. This is our responses:

Do you have examples of Voice of Customer teams who implemented Screeb?

Yes, Screeb has success stories of VoC teams using their software. For example, Cedreo, a house design company, faced challenges in understanding user needs and feedback efficiency. After implementing Screeb, they transformed their approach to user feedback, achieving a 78% survey completion rate and gaining valuable insights. This led to significant operational, strategic, and financial improvements, demonstrating Screeb's effectiveness in enhancing customer understanding and driving business success.

Does Screeb help implementing a Voice of Customer Program?

Yes, Screeb helps in implementing a Voice of Customer (VoC) program. It provides a comprehensive platform that supports various aspects of a VoC program, from collecting and analyzing customer feedback to integrating this feedback into actionable insights. Screeb's user-friendly interface and advanced analytics make it easier for businesses to understand and respond to customer needs, facilitating the development and execution of effective VoC strategies.

Does Screeb provide Voice of Customer Surveys?

Absolutely! At Screeb, we specialize in providing comprehensive Voice of Customer (VoC) surveys as a key part of our service offerings. Our surveys are expertly designed to gather in-depth customer insights, helping you understand their experiences, expectations, and areas for improvement. Our VoC surveys are customizable and flexible, ensuring they align with your specific business needs and goals. They are crafted to engage customers effectively, encouraging valuable and honest feedback. With our advanced analytics, the feedback collected is not just data – it's a roadmap to enhancing your customer experience and business strategy. Whether it's through targeted surveys, real-time feedback forms, or other innovative methods, Screeb is committed to providing you with the tools to listen to and act on your customers' voices effectively.

Is Screeb a Voice of Customer Software?

Yes, Screeb is a cutting-edge Voice of Customer (VoC) software. We specialize in providing a comprehensive platform that enables businesses to effectively gather, analyze, and act upon customer feedback. Our software is designed to streamline the VoC process, making it easier for companies to understand their customers' needs, preferences, and experiences. Screeb stands out with its intuitive interface and robust analytics tools, which allow you to capture feedback through various methods such as surveys, feedback forms, and direct customer interactions. Our platform not only collects this valuable data but also provides deep insights and actionable recommendations. By choosing Screeb, you're not just accessing a tool for gathering feedback; you're adopting a solution that transforms customer insights into meaningful business decisions. Whether it's improving customer experience, enhancing products, or refining services, Screeb is your partner in driving customer-centric growth.

What is Voice of Customer?

Voice of Customer (VoC) is an essential strategy for understanding and valuing customer feedback. It involves capturing and analyzing customers' expectations, preferences, and feedback across various channels, including surveys, social media, and direct interactions. VoC is vital because it guides businesses in making customer-centric decisions, leading to improved satisfaction, loyalty, and growth. In a world where customer needs constantly evolve, VoC provides the insights needed to stay competitive and relevant. At Screeb, we specialize in integrating VoC into your business processes. Our tools and analytics don't just collect feedback; they unlock valuable insights to drive transformative business decisions. With Screeb, you're not just hearing your customers; you're actively responding to their voices.

Which Voice of Customer Tool to use?

When choosing a Voice of Customer (VoC) tool, look for one that offers comprehensive feedback collection, advanced analytics, ease of use, customization options, and seamless integration with existing systems. Screeb is an excellent choice for its robust features and ability to provide deep insights into customer needs, making it an effective and user-friendly solution for VoC programs.

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