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Elevating Company Vision through User Research – Gaming 1’s Journey with Screeb

Explore Gaming 1's transformative success journey with Screeb. Discover how a 90% survey completion rate and unmatched user satisfaction became the hallmarks of their success in the gaming industry. Your roadmap to success decoded!

Over the coming months and years, Screeb will be our primary source of information to swiftly gather feedback and identify potential frustrations regarding our various websites and applications. This will enable our organization to focus on improvements that meet the needs of our users.
Gaetan Mendolia

Gaetan Mendolia

UX Researcher

Elevating Company Vision through User Research – Gaming 1’s Journey with Screeb

Gaming 1, a leader in the digital gaming world, has always been committed to improving gaming by constantly innovating and putting players first. From the start, Gaming 1 has been creating engaging games that combine the latest technology with creative stories. Their smart decisions and innovative breakthroughs have made them a top name in the competitive gaming industry.

Challenges Faced by Gaming 1

In the fast-moving world of gaming, Gaming 1 faced a big challenge: they needed to develop and maintain a medium to long-term vision for the company, ensuring their strategies and products continuously align with evolving player preferences.

In an industry where technology changes quickly and what players want can shift, it's really important to think ahead and make strategic plans. Gaming 1 knew that to stay on top, they had to not only imagine the future of gaming but also make sure this vision matched what their players were looking for. This forward-thinking was key to staying competitive in a market where you can't afford to stand still.

Another important thing for Gaming 1 was to focus on their players. In the competitive gaming world, keeping things fresh and engaging players is a must. Gaming 1 realized that understanding and meeting the diverse needs of their growing number of players was crucial for their continued success. Their approach was more than just meeting current needs; it was about anticipating and adapting to what players might want next. By designing their games based on player feedback and trends, Gaming 1 aimed to create more exciting, relevant, and successful games, strengthening their leadership in the market.

What solutions for Gaming 1 ?

Gaming 1 recognized the importance to implement a solution dedicated to gathering feedback from its users. This tool needed not only to accurately segment their audience but also to engage them at optimal moments in their user journey, maximizing response rates.

In doing so, they could effectively address their challenges:

  • Collect a large number of qualified feedback
  • Centralize them automatically in a single tool
  • Analyze this data to identify needs and pain points
  • Know their users
  • Develop an user-centric product

Why Screeb? The Ideal Partner for Gaming 1

Screeb was the perfect partner for Gaming 1 in this situation. Screeb's skill in gathering and analyzing feedback matched Gaming 1's goal to keep in touch with its users and sharpen its company vision. Screeb provided a set of tools that helped Gaming 1 to:

  • Collect large volumes of user feedback efficiently.
  • Analyze data to uncover deep insights into user preferences and behavior.
  • Align product development more closely with user needs, reinforcing Gaming 1's company vision.

Screeb's platform was more than just a way to collect data; it was a key to understanding how user needs and wants were changing. This partnership helped Gaming 1 stay ahead in the competitive gaming market, making sure that every new idea and update matched their company vision.

What Transformations for Gaming 1?

Using Screeb's tools was a game-changer for Gaming 1. Now, the company could really understand its users, which was essential for developing its future plans and long-term vision.

Feedback-Driven Innovation

As soon as Gaming 1 started using Screeb, they saw a big impact on how much users were engaging. They achieved a 76% partial completion rate, showing that users were really interested and involved. This increase in feedback gave the Gaming 1 teams lots of new insights. The valuable feedback they received not only improved their decision-making but also saved them time, allowing them to focus on strategic innovations that matched their company vision.

User-Centric Product Development

Gaming 1 kept a close eye on important numbers, like the 76% partial response rate and the daily satisfaction of 1,500 users. This careful monitoring of customer opinions helped them pinpoint exactly where to improve, address user issues effectively, and always provide value. Based on solid insights, their focus on users guided Gaming 1 towards a future where their products perfectly matched what users wanted and expected.

A Positive Impact and Competitive Advantages

The information Gaming 1 got from Screeb's tools gave them a big strategic edge. Every step they took to learn more about their users was now backed by solid data, leading to smarter decisions that really helped the company. The 64-point increase in response rate showed not just more user involvement, but also hinted at keeping more users around and growing in the market.

On average, Screeb's customers, including businesses like Gaming 1, benefit from time savings, cost reductions, and enhanced performance.

Conclusion: A Vision Clarified by User Feedback

Gaming 1's work with Screeb shows how important it is to listen to user feedback when shaping a company's goals and plans. The high level of user involvement with Screeb's tools showed that their users were really engaged. By using these insights, Gaming 1 was able to make their products better match what their users wanted, which helped them stay strong in the competitive gaming market. This example highlights the importance of understanding and valuing user feedback. It's key to creating successful products and keeping a clear, focused vision for any company.

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