User Interviews Recruitment

Recruit Participants for User Interviews

Right in your Product

Recruiting the right participants is key for your User Interviews to be useful and impactful. But between difficulties to access CRM or the lack of data about product usage, it's one of the most time consuming activities for Product Team.

With Screeb, you can recruit relevant participants in minutes, right in your product.

Gather informations at every step of the user journey

Leverage Screeb to track funnel performance, analyze user behavior, and ask targeted questions based on their actions.

A Real Time Profile for each User

Get a unique profile for each of your users and see who they are and how they use your product.

Precisely Target People

Proactively target specific groups of users that are relevant for your studies.

Book User Interviews in Minutes

Connect Screeb to Calendly and see interviews magically appear in your calendar.

Gather Learnings and Make Better Decisions

Aggregate user learnings from interviews, reports, and surveys in Screeb. Ask natural questions with AI to make better, faster decisions.

A Complete & Real Time Profile for each User

Based on their actions and/or attributes, you can search among your users who would be a great fit for your study.

Create segments of users to reach for an interview and ask for their availabilities to talk right from Screeb.

Proactively Target Users to Reach

Once you've targeted a list of relevant users to reach, you can proactively engage them right in your product and ask them to participate to your study.

Collect email addresses for later interviews or collect in-context insights with our breakthrough in-app surveys.

Made for every product team

B2B SaaS
Screeb helps us to spot product improvements and to align our teams on the right priorities. It became a central tool for our Product Team to build the future of accounting software.

Arthur Waller

CEO @Pennylane

B2C Mobile App
Our industry is highly competitive so we need to craft the best app on the market.Screeb helps us to that at every stage of our projects.

Louay Ali

Principal Product Owner @Rabbit

Checking Screeb is now the first thing I do every morning. It helps us to spot frictions and improvement opportunities that we’ve never discovered before.

Florian Ardérighi

Head of Product @Smallable

Meetings Magically Appear in your Calendar 🪄

Connect Screeb to Calendly or any other scheduling automation platform to see meetings with relevant interview participants being automatically added to your calendar.

Eliminate the back-and-forth emails for finding the right time for you and your users and focus on conducting great user research interviews.

Gather Learnings and Ask Questions with AI

Gather all your learnings from User Interviews, reports and surveys in Screeb.
Link them to users or segments and use our AI engine to find all the learnings of your team when you start a project.

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