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Screeb is the leading Discovery platform for Product Teams and we want to partner with you. Our goal is to grow together, while ultimately helping our mutual clients to scale. If you are in the business of supporting Product Teams in B2B or B2C companies then let's talk!

Why join our Partner Program

Services Offering

As a valued partner at Screeb, you gain the unique opportunity to extend the value you provide to your customers. Our Partner Program allows you to propose customized services built on top of Screeb's cutting-edge customer feedback tool. This empowers you to offer comprehensive solutions tailored to your clients' specific needs, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Free Training

We believe that knowledge is the key to success. That's why, as a Screeb partner, you'll have access to our exclusive training program. Our dedicated experts will guide you through every aspect of Screeb, enabling you to become a true master of the platform. With in-depth knowledge at your fingertips, you can confidently assist your customers in harnessing the full potential of Screeb.

Marketing Support

Partnering with Screeb opens the door to collaborative marketing ventures. Our dedicated marketing team is here to support you in showcasing your services and expertise to a broader audience. Together, we can strategize and execute marketing campaigns, ensuring that your offerings gain the visibility they deserve, and driving substantial growth for both your business and ours.

Lead Sharing

At Screeb, we firmly believe in the power of collaboration. By joining our Partner Program, you become part of a network where we actively seek and share mutually beneficial business opportunities. Through our advanced business intelligence, we identify potential leads and connect you with relevant prospects, paving the way for fruitful partnerships and expanded horizons.

"Screeb is a great platform that provides a huge value to our clients for their Product Discovery projects"

Aurélien Gaubusseau, cofounder & CEO at IKXO

30+ Tech Partners are now part of the Screeb journey

We Work with Both
Tech & Expert Partners

Tech Partners
For software editors and technical partners, our Partner Program opens the door to unparalleled opportunities. By building integrations on top of our platform, you can seamlessly incorporate Screeb's powerful customer feedback capabilities into your software, enriching your offering with invaluable insights. Together, we'll shape the future of customer feedback, driving mutual growth and success.
Expert Partners
For agencies and expert partners, our program unlocks unparalleled opportunities.
Seamlessly integrate Screeb's powerful customer feedback capabilities into your services, enriching your offerings with invaluable insights. Together, we'll shape the future of customer feedback, driving mutual growth and success. Join us today and elevate your agency to new heights.

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