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Seamless Feedback Integration to Notion

With Screeb's Notion integration, every piece of customer feedback you collect is automatically funneled into your chosen Notion database. No more manual entries or missed insights.

This ensures that your team has real-time access to the latest user sentiments, allowing for quicker responses and more informed decision-making.

Comprehensive User Context with Every Feedback

Beyond just feedback, Screeb captures and links all relevant user properties directly in Notion. This means you can easily filter, sort, and create views based on specific user attributes.

Whether you're looking to understand feedback from a particular demographic or segment, or integrate insights into broader Notion pages, you have all the context you need at your fingertips.

The Screeb Notion integration let us better share feedback internally. Everything is gathered in Notion, that is the tool we use for the whole company. So we can share feedback coming from specific users or about a specific topic with everyone and include them in pages created by different team. It's been a game-changer for our ability to better collaborate.

Lauriane Colas

Product Manager

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