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Notion integration for Screeb Product-Led User Research platform

Analyse your users' behaviour, collect qualitative feedback with in-app surveys, and gather data in Notion databases

alapini raphael
Raphael Alapini
Notion and Screeb

Gather your User Research Data Right in Notion

Automatically send data from your User Research projects to a Notion database and use them in all your Pages.

In-App Surveys Responses + User Attributes

Access to every information you have in Screeb right in Notion and create views for every step of your projects. Survey responses, user properties, scores... Everything is store in a database you can use in any Page.

Make Customer Informed Decisions in your Everyday Workspace

You use Notion to work on your Product projects? Make decisions with your team without leaving your workspace with our Screeb integration.

We also integrate with your (other) daily tools

In addition to Notion, we integrate with the most important tools in your product stack: connect to Segment to use your existing tagging plan, share requests to Productboard or Harvestr, work with your team right in Slack...

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