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Revolutionizing B2B & B2C User Discovery: How Leocare Mastered Pain Point Identification with Screeb

Leocare works hard to improve its customer experience and make its services more efficient. Discover how Screeb helps Leocare achieve its goals!

Screeb is a key partner in deepening our customer connections. It allows us to understand customer sentiment and focus on the most valued features, guiding our efforts efficiently. This data-driven method ensures our decisions are customer-centric, boosting satisfaction and loyalty, and driving our progress in the wealth management field.
Alexandra Dadian

Alexandra Dadian

Chief Product Officer

Revolutionizing B2B & B2C User Discovery: How Leocare Mastered Pain Point Identification with Screeb

Introduction of Leocare

Leocare is redefining the insurance landscape with its digital-first approach, offering immediate, hassle-free quotes without requiring personal information. Embracing the long-overdue digital revolution in the insurance sector, Leocare provides a transparent, paperless, and 100% mobile experience, tailored to the modern lifestyle. With Leocare, experience insurance that's quick, convenient, and trustworthy, all at your fingertips. They work hard to improve their customer experience and make their services more efficient.

Objectives and Challenges

The Challenges Leocare encountered

Leocare encountered several challenges in collecting users feedback to improve its Product continuously:

  • Users’ feedbacks : It was hard for the Product team to have specific users feedbacks about product and user experience.
  • High volume of customer service requests : With the fast growth of Leocare, customer service was for a period overloaded with customers requests, causing delays and affecting customer satisfaction, so the Product team was in a poor position to contact customers about product-related issues.
  • Reaching B2C customers: It was tough to get in touch with users due to their busy schedules, making it hard to collect direct feedback.
  • Getting product feedback: Without an efficient way to collect feedback, understanding and addressing the specific issues of customers was challenging.

Wich Solutions for Leocare?

To tackle these challenges, Leocare adopted a custom approach to collect user feedback. This strategy focused on quickly identifying what users need and their main issues, making sure every interaction was valuable and effective.

Why Screeb? The Best Partner for Leocare

Discovering Screeb at the LPC event in Paris

Leocare's partnership with Screeb started at the Product Conf (LPC), hosted by Thiga. This event, a hub for product professionals, brought together industry leaders and innovators. It was at LPC, known for highlighting the latest in product management tools and methods, that Leocare found Screeb – a partner that matched their vision and needs perfectly.

Screeb X Leocare

User Discovery and Pain Point Identification in B2C & B2B

Screeb proved to be the perfect partner for Leocare, with its specialized tools for B2C & B2B user discovery and identifying pain points. Screeb's platform offered Leocare several advantages:

  • High Response Rate: With an average response rate of 60%, Screeb far exceeds the typical market rate of 8%.
  • Engaging Conversation Format: Screeb uses a conversational style for surveys, making them more engaging and yielding deeper, more honest feedback.
  • Efficient Feedback Collection: The platform simplifies collecting insights directly from B2C & B2B users.
  • Accurate Pain Point Identification: Advanced analytics help pinpoint specific areas for improvement.
  • Improved User Interaction: The platform aids in enhancing communication and understanding between Leocare and its business clients.

What Impacts for Leocare?

The implementation of Screeb's solutions had a profound impact on Leocare:

  • Improved Customer Insights: Enhanced understanding of user needs and expectations.
  • Increased Efficiency: Faster resolution of customer issues and more effective service delivery.
  • Better Product Development: Informed improvements and innovations based on real user feedback.

Strategic Impact

The partnership between Screeb and Leocare revolutionized their approach to product user experience. By using Screeb's advanced feedback tools, Leocare gained essential insights into how their B2C & B2B clients used their services. This helped them understand what worked well and what needed improvement. Screeb's feedback, rich in both quality and quantity, gave Leocare a solid data foundation for strategic planning. Consequently, their service updates became more user-focused, improving the overall experience. This strategic shift kept Leocare competitive in the insurance market, staying agile and responsive to changing user needs.

Operational Impact

Working with Screeb brought a major change to how Leocare approached product development and user experience. The detailed and measurable feedback from Screeb helped Leocare prioritize their work effectively. With these insights, they could concentrate on creating features and improvements that truly met user needs and preferences. As a result, Leocare developed a more refined, user-focused product, greatly enhancing the user experience. The efficiency Leocare achieved through this feedback-focused method was key, enabling them to provide a product that strongly connected with their B2C & B2B clients.

On average, Screeb's clientele, including businesses like Leocare, benefit from time savings, cost reductions, and enhanced performance.

Screeb: A Game-Changer for Product Teams

In conclusion, Screeb has emerged as an ideal solution for product and marketing teams. Its comprehensive tools are specifically designed for these groups. Screeb's effectiveness in streamlining user discovery and identifying pain points in B2C & B2B has transformed how Leocare handles customer feedback, setting a new industry standard.

For companies aiming to improve their B2B and B2C user discovery and pain point identification, Screeb is the go-to choice. Its advanced technology and focus on the user make it more than just a tool – it's a partner in the pursuit of excellence. Screeb is poised to revolutionize your product and marketing strategies with its innovative approach.

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