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Direct Feedback-to-Feature Linking

Harness the power of Screeb's customer feedback collection and directly link these insights to specific features in Productboard. This seamless integration ensures that every piece of feedback is accounted for, enabling product managers to make data-driven decisions.

By connecting user insights to feature development, you're ensuring that your product evolves based on genuine user needs and desires.

Prioritize with Precision

With the Screeb-Productboard integration, not only can you gather feedback, but you can also prioritize your roadmap with unparalleled precision.

By feeding real-time customer insights into Productboard, you can weigh the importance of each feature, ensuring that your development efforts align with what your users truly want. This integration transforms feedback into actionable steps, making your product strategy more agile and responsive.

With the Screeb / Productboard integration, we're able to gather all the feedback we receive from our users and link them in two clicks to the right ideas and features. It has been a key part of our ability to prioritize our next projects in the most efficient way.

Marion Turbet

Head of Product

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