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Share In-App Surveys Responses to Productboard with Screeb

Discover How to share In-App Surveys Responses to Productboard with Screeb !

In-App Survey & Feedback
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Clément Gauthier
Share In-App Surveys Responses to Productboard with Screeb

Share In-App Surveys Responses to Productboard with Screeb

Collecting qualitative feedback from your users is key. And Screeb helps you to collect more feedback and to increase their quality with our innovative in-app surveys.

But if those feedback stay in your reports and are hard to share, they’re quite useless. You don’t care about surveys or feedback. You care about how you can leverage them to take real and quick actions that will improve your product and your users’ experience.

That’s why we’ve released our native integration with Productboard, to help you share key feedback right to your Productboard inbox, in a click.

In all your Screeb reports, you’ll find a “Send to Productboard” button under every feedback. This button will appear once the integration is installed. You can read our complete guide to know how to install it.

One of the key feature of this integration is that we don’t simply send the content of the feedback to Productboard, but also every properties you may collect with your surveys. It means that every identification information, every contextual data or every account property you have will also be sent in Productboard. It will help you better qualify the need and the priority of this request and it will help you better prioritize your features.

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