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Driving Success: How Progicar Masters Understanding User's Needs with Screeb

Progicar works hard to improve its customer experience and make its services more efficient. Discover how Screeb helps Progicar achieve its goals!

Screeb empowered us to efficiently gather and understand user’s feedbacks. Implementing these insights allowed us to provide impactful solutions, resulting in our average rating, for the internal tool APPRO, skyrocketed to 8.5/10 in 2023. Given our satisfaction with Screeb, we intend to integrate this tool across all our webapp.
Xavier Gougat

Xavier Gougat

Product Manager

Driving Success: How Progicar Masters Understanding User's Needs with Screeb

Introduction of Progicar

Progicar is a leader in creating software for the automotive industry, helping car dealerships, reconditioning centers, and logistics teams work smarter with digital tools. With ten years of experience and trusted by top names in the industry, Progicar is all about making work easier and more efficient. It focuses on making software that's easy to use, helping businesses improve their operations and the quality of their workplace. Progicar plays a key role in pushing the automotive industry forward, meeting the changing needs of customers and leading the charge in digital transformation.

Objectives and Challenges

Understanding Users' Needs

Progicar encountered a crucial challenge:

  • Gathering Essential Feedback: It was important to collect customer feedback to monitor product stability and tackle decreasing satisfaction.
  • The Value of Ratings: In the automotive world, ratings out of 10 are crucial for reputation. Progicar needed a dependable method to get this important feedback from users.

Which Solutions for Progicar?

To tackle these problems, Progicar adopted a focused strategy to collect user feedback. This method was designed to quickly identify users' needs and issues, making sure every interaction was valuable and effective.

Why Screeb? The Perfect Fit for Progicar

The Ideal Solution to Understand User's Needs

Screeb proved to be the ideal choice for Progicar for various reasons:

  • User-Friendly: Screeb's platform is easy to use, allowing Progicar to quickly start and run feedback campaigns.
  • Wide Reach: Its compatibility with both mobile and PC meant Progicar could connect with users on any device.
  • Effortless Setup: The simple integration process with Screeb, using just a script, was a key factor for Progicar's decision.
Progicar X Screeb

Which Teams Use Screeb?

At Progicar, the Product Team is the sole user of Screeb, focusing on understanding user needs. They use Screeb to get feedback, helping them make products that meet user expectations. This approach shows how much Progicar values what their customers think, guiding their product updates and features.

Achievements with Screeb

Understanding User's Needs Leads to Tangible Results

The implementation of Screeb has been successful in enhancing collaboration with users. Using Screeb, Progicar successfully collected valuable ratings out of 10 from users. This provided a clear way to measure how satisfied users were and how well their products performed. Looking ahead, Progicar plans to expand the use of Screeb across their entire product range. This future objective aims to deepen their understanding of user needs across all offerings, ensuring that every product benefits from the same level of insight and attention to user feedback. This strategic expansion signifies Progicar's commitment to continuously improving user experience and product quality through informed, data-driven decisions.

Discovering Screeb

A Long-standing Partnership

Progicar's partnership with Screeb isn't recent. The product teams at Progicar have known and used Screeb for a long time. A key reason for this enduring relationship is Screeb's roots as a French solution, offering local support. This connection underscores the importance of regional understanding and assistance in selecting technology solutions, making Screeb a preferred choice for Progicar.

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Screeb: A Game-Changer for Product Teams

Screeb has become essential for Progicar, helping them truly understand and measure what users want and how happy they are. By collecting and analyzing feedback, Progicar has improved how it connects with users and strengthened its position in the automotive industry with important ratings. Screeb is the perfect choice for any business looking to better understand and meet their users' needs, thanks to its advanced technology and focus on users. See how Screeb can change the way you meet user expectations and boost satisfaction.

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