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How Screeb helps Nespresso to collect more User Feedback and improve their Online Experience?

Nespresso chose Screeb to ask questions right in their online experience. The idea was to propose a more convenient way of sharing feedback than email, that would be more timely, user-friendly and that would provide context when analyzing the responses.

Nespresso goals and challenges

Increase customer satisfaction (CSAT) is a top priority for the Omni-Channel Marketing team at Nespresso.

To achieve this goal, they focus on improving the customer experience by easing the process of purchasing Nespresso products and reducing friction points that can cause frustration or dissatisfaction.

By focusing on easing the customer experience and reducing friction, Marie and her team work towards increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty, which can ultimately lead to improved business performance and growth for Nespresso.

"I’ve been amazed by the response rate from our customers with Screeb. In a few days I’ve been able to collect a lot of valuable customer’s insights".
Marie Frejoux, Nespresso

Marie Frejoux

Customer Voice Project Manager

Screeb helps Nespresso to improve overall customer’s journey

Deep dive into the numbers: 

  • +40% increase on response rate
  • 10k customer feedback collected
  • 20+ surveys launched
  • 3 major improvements due to feedback received.

“We’ve been amazed by the response rate from our customers with Screeb, in few days I can collect key customer’s insights” Marie 

Nespresso recognized the importance of collecting feedback from customers in a timely and efficient manner. Waiting several months after a purchase or interaction with customer support can result in a lack of relevant information and potentially miss important insights.

Using Screeb to collect analytics and feedback from customers while they are using the website provides valuable real-time insights into their experience and any issues they may be encountering.

It really helps Nespresso quickly identify and address any problems and make improvements to the website to enhance the overall customer experience.

Additionally, Nespresso also takes action based on the insights gained from the feedback. By using the data to drive improvements and enhancements to the website, Nespresso can show customers that their feedback is valued and improve customer satisfaction.

According to Marie, “everything about the Screeb experience was simple, fast and helpful”.

Learnings and improvements

Nespresso was able to use Screeb to conduct A/B testing on their product page and collect valuable feedback from customers. 

While it's interesting that they had similar levels of satisfaction between the two versions of the page, the verbatims and specific feedback collected can provide important insights into what aspects of the page are resonating with customers and what areas could be improved.

By analyzing the feedback collected through Screeb, Nespresso can identify specific pain points or areas where customers are experiencing issues or confusion, and make changes to the product page to address those concerns. 

Additionally, they can leverage the positive feedback to reinforce elements of the page that are resonating with customers and drive engagement and conversions.

Overall, the ability to collect both numerical data and verbatim feedback through Screeb can provide a comprehensive view of the customer experience and help drive continuous improvement. 

By leveraging these insights to make data-driven decisions, Nespresso can optimize their product page and provide an enhanced experience for their customers.

Marie Frejoux explains that they had a way better completion rate from their surveys by using Screeb.

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