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Decode User Behavior with Insightful Product Analytics

Explore intelligent reports to quickly identify key user traits and behaviors. Pinpoint high-performing funnels and address drop-offs with direct user engagement. Screeb's analytics offer clear insights for fast action, all with minimal setup. Transform your understanding of user behavior effortlessly.

Collect Contextual Feedback with Next-Gen In-App Surveys

Transform feedback with Screeb's innovative in-app surveys. Our engaging formats delight users, achieving a remarkable 60% response rate, both on web and mobile apps. Harness richer insights that genuinely reflect your entire user base.

Validate Ideas &

Guide Users with
In-App Messages

Beyond traditional pop-ins and popovers, we've introduced pioneering, highly engaging formats like stickers, videos, and sidebars, designed to captivate and resonate. Elevate your announcements and guidance and get a 40% boost in product adoption.

Track Every Launch Success with Release Management

Log every feature, fix, or enhancement with Screeb. Our system integrates updates into reports, revealing the impact on key metrics. More than tracking, it's a powerful communication tool, showcasing your team's efforts and their tangible results.

Discover our brand new AI-Powered Product Discovery Features to understand feedback, optimise surveys and guide your product decisions.

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days saved per month in average for teams using Screeb


average decrease in support tickets


average impact on conversion rate


average increase in product adoption

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B2B SaaS
Screeb helps us to spot product improvements and to align our teams on the right priorities. It became a central tool for our Product Team to build the future of accounting software.

Arthur Waller

CEO @Pennylane

B2C Mobile App
Our industry is highly competitive so we need to craft the best app on the market.Screeb helps us to that at every stage of our projects.

Louay Ali

Principal Product Owner @Rabbit

Checking Screeb is now the first thing I do every morning. It helps us to spot frictions and improvement opportunities that we’ve never discovered before.

Florian Ardérighi

Head of Product @Smallable

We Write About Experience, Customer Feedback &
Product Discovery

Product Backstage

Dans ce 8ème numéro, on échange avec Mehdi Boudoukhane, CEO & Cofondateur de Cycle. On parle de la création d'un produit pour les équipes Produit, des ingrédients qui font un bon produit, de l'importance des feedback utilisateurs et de la manière dont ils conçoivent le Produit chez Cycle.

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