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Engage with your customers via conversational surveys
to improve your retention

The best way to get useful answers to all your questions

We all need to ask questions to our customers, to be sure they're happy and therefore improve our retention.
Screeb is the most efficient way to do it. Why? Because we do it as you would in real life : by having conversations.

Collect insights directly in your customer journey

Stop interrupting your customers with traditional forms and popups. Integrate conversational surveys directly in your web or mobile app to collect insights without crushing your user experience.

Push the right questions to the right customers segment

Create precise targeting rules based on your in-house data or on our browsing tracking engine. Stop asking out of the blue questions and start increasing your response rate!

Integrate with your data

Build customers segments based on your CRM, DMP or CMP data

World-class targeting engine

Browsing behaviour, time spent on your website, amount of the order, webpage currently visited, exit, scroll and click detection... We have dozens of triggers for you to be as precise as possible

Integrate with your stack

We connect every single answer with other tools in your system. Our goal: to help you transform insights into actions.


Create new opportunities, qualify with customers' profiles or create new tasks for your Sales team in your preferred CRM


Alert your Customer Success team that a user is unhappy as soon as they say it, right in their everyday solution


Grow your email list, detect opportunities, nurture your visitors and gather the data in your current stack


Connect Screeb to more than 2,000 tools by using the power of Zapier

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We share all our knowledge in our blog and interview experts, brands and other solution providers in our podcast

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