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How Cedreo Transformed Their User Experience and Strengthened Market Position with User Feedback

Cedreo, a house design company, improved its operational efficiency, strategic clarity, and financial stability by implementing Screeb, a user feedback tool. This transformed their user experience and strengthened their market position.

In the realm of house design, from 3D planning to photorealistic visuals and accurate cost estimates, Cedreo stands out as a premier company. With a comprehensive suite of functionalities for building and decorating projects, they are a force to reckon with in this competitive industry. Though a French company, their strong presence in the United States underscores their global ambitions. Their commitment to continuous innovation and an enhanced user experience is pivotal as they strive to offer compelling products and maintain their allure in the market.

Harnessing Screeb's capabilities transformed our user understanding from a guessing game to a science. It provided us with valuable and actionable insights, which have been pivotal in enhancing our product and user experience. This has not only strengthened our market position but also set Cedreo on a trajectory of sustainable growth and customer satisfaction.

Henry Domis

Head of CS

Challenges faced by Cedreo

In an intensely competitive sector where tools are designed for professionals, innovation and user experience become critical determinants of a company's success or failure. Cedreo recognized this and felt the pressing need to innovate their product while enhancing the user experience.

The challenge? Truly understanding their users and their requirements. Their existing user feedback process was not only cumbersome but also inefficient. Despite the pressing need for innovation, Cedreo struggled to connect with their users and gather essential feedback. This bottleneck had cascading repercussions, leading to strategic, operational, and financial setbacks for the company.

Operational impacts

For Cedreo, the lack of an effective mechanism to gather user requirements posed substantial operational challenges. At the forefront of these challenges were their product teams, who found themselves perpetually racing against the clock.

Valuable hours, which could have been dedicated to innovation and fine-tuning, were instead squandered sifting through unqualified customer feedback. This time constraint was further intensified as the teams often found themselves iterating on the basis of sparse and inadequate user input.

Consequently, they grappled with two main issues:

  1. Navigating product development based on insufficient and unqualified user feedback.
  2. Handling the frustration of not obtaining essential information, which was pivotal to their work.

These impediments meant that many product innovations failed to resonate with their user base. This misalignment not only hampered the user experience but also weakened Cedreo's market position. The operational strain was evident, and the repercussions for Cedreo were unmistakably adverse.

Strategic impacts

From a strategic standpoint, the absence of targeted innovations cast a looming uncertainty over Cedreo's pursuits. While innovation is the cornerstone of any successful product strategy, Cedreo's approach was gradually becoming its most glaring vulnerability. Rather than tailoring developments based on user needs and preferences, the company often found its innovations misdirected. Without a firm grasp on what their users truly sought, Cedreo's product enhancements though technically impressive missed the mark in terms of real-world value. This meant that substantial resources channeled towards perceived innovation yielded outcomes that didn't resonate with their user base or address actual pain points.

Such a strategic disconnect not only threatened Cedreo's standing in the fiercely competitive market but also cast doubts over the future trajectory of their product roadmap. The scenario underscored a vital lesson: innovation, devoid of tangible value, could inadvertently derail the company's strategic ambitions.

Financial impacts

Cedreo's inability to pinpoint and cater to specific user needs had repercussions beyond operational and strategic challenges it also had a tangible financial impact. Investments in product development, rather than bearing fruit, became increasingly futile and failed to deliver the anticipated returns. Acquiring new customers became a daunting task, evidenced by a declining conversion rate. Even more concerning, their previously steadfast user base began to wane, leading to plummeting retention rates. In essence, Cedreo's misalignment with user needs wasn't just a product issue it signaled an impending crisis.

What solutions for Cedreo ?

Cedreo recognized the urgency to implement a solution dedicated to gathering feedback from its users. This tool needed not only to accurately segment their audience but also to engage them at optimal moments in their user journey, maximizing response rates.

In doing so, they could effectively address their challenges:

  • Collect a large number of qualified feedback
  • Centralize them automatically in a single tool
  • Analyze this data to identify needs and pain points
  • Know their users
  • Develop a coherent product

Why Screeb? The right partner for Cedreo

After thorough research, Cedreo identified Screeb as the ultimate solution!

Indeed, Screeb checked all the right boxes:

It introduced a novel approach to gathering user feedback. Its user-friendly tools simplified survey creation. Collaboration among teams was seamless, and the icing on the cake? The setup process was a breeze. Screeb provided a streamlined, effective way for teams to gain deeper insights into their users.

Following a comprehensive demo and extensive dialogues with the Screeb representatives to pinpoint Cedreo's requirements, Cedreo embarked on its journey to truly understand its users.

What transformations for Cedreo?

After implementing the Screeb tools, Cedreo embarked on its mission to truly understand its users. Within a remarkably short timeframe, the French company began to witness its initial transformations:

Operational transformations: Revival with Screeb

After the Cedreo teams started using Screeb, the company achieved a notable milestone with a 78% full completion rate, indicating genuine engagement from their users. Their product teams, which had previously grappled with a dearth of insights, were now equipped with a consistent stream of valuable, qualified feedback from users. This not only enriched their decision-making but also liberated significant time, redirecting their focus towards innovation. The process of gathering feedback, once a laborious task, was transformed into an efficient, automated workflow. With this improved structure in place, the product team was now positioned to innovate more effectively and enhance the overall User Experience.

Strategic transformations: Newfound Clarity with Screeb

With the integration of Screeb, Cedreo's strategic direction underwent a transformation. The ability to identify emerging pain points empowered the Product team to revamp the user experience, leading to a significant reduction in their Customer Effort Score. Instead of making broad-stroke changes, their innovations became sharply attuned to the specific areas of concern identified. As a result, their innovations began to deeply resonate with users, bolstering Cedreo's standing in the market.

By diligently monitoring their NPS (Net Promoter Score), Cedreo kept a finger on the pulse of their customer sentiment. This enabled them to identify areas requiring enhancement, address user challenges, and deliver consistent value — all of which contributed to an uptick in their daily satisfaction metrics.

With their strategy now rooted in tangible insights, Cedreo confidently charted a course towards a more user-centric future.

Financial transformations

The integration of Screeb into Cedreo's workflow yielded tangible financial advantages. Armed with invaluable insights, Cedreo realized a notable return on investment, ensuring that each dollar directed towards User Discovery was met with meaningful data and tangible value. Additionally, by automating the feedback collection and streamlining operations, vast amounts of previously wasted time were reclaimed. This operational efficiency translated into reduced overhead, contributing to a healthier bottom line.

The 'Screeb effect' was undeniable: Cedreo found itself on a trajectory of judicious spending and sustainable growth.

On average, Screeb's clientele, including businesses like Cedreo, benefit from time savings, cost reductions, and enhanced performance.

Learning About Their Customers: The Cornerstone of Success

While metrics matter, Cedreo's primary goal was to innovate efficiently and enhance User Experience, securing its market position.

Screeb granted Cedreo a profound understanding of their users. Each user response, completed survey, and piece of feedback brought them one step closer to shaping a product experience that genuinely resonated with their audience. Remarkably, with Screeb, a significant one-third of users actively engaged by providing feedback, underscoring a deeply invested user base.

This ongoing cycle of feedback and learning, combined with a steadfast commitment to understanding user needs, formed the foundation of Cedreo's success. In Screeb, they discovered an indispensable partner.

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