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Prioritizing Roadmap Innovations Through User Feedback – Cedreo's Journey with Screeb

Cedreo, a house design company, improved its operational efficiency, strategic clarity, and financial stability by implementing Screeb, a user feedback tool. This transformed their user experience and strengthened their market position.

In the realm of house design, from 3D planning to photorealistic visuals and accurate cost estimates, Cedreo stands out as a premier company. With a comprehensive suite of functionalities for building and decorating projects, they are a force to reckon with in this competitive industry. Though a French company, their strong presence in the United States underscores their global ambitions. Their commitment to continuous innovation and an enhanced user experience is pivotal as they strive to offer compelling products and maintain their allure in the market.

Harnessing Screeb's capabilities transformed our user understanding from a guessing game to a science. It provided us with valuable and actionable insights, which have been pivotal in enhancing our product and user experience. This has not only strengthened our market position but also set Cedreo on a trajectory of sustainable growth and customer satisfaction.

Henry Domis

Head of CS

Challenges faced by Cedreo

In an intensely competitive sector where tools are designed for professionals, innovation and user experience become critical determinants of a company's success or failure. Cedreo recognized this and felt the pressing need to innovate their product while enhancing the user experience.

Cedreo also identified that some of its organic traffic was Spanish, which was signing up, but the conversion rate was low. Thus was born the need for Cedreo to question them in order to know them and meet their needs.

The company needed to:

  • Collect and analyze user feedback efficiently to guide their product roadmap.
  • Measure their Net Promoter Score (NPS) and understand customer loyalty and satisfaction.
  • Gauge user satisfaction on specific functionalities to make informed decisions about future developments.

What solutions for Cedreo ?

Cedreo recognized the importance to implement a solution dedicated to gathering feedback from its users. This tool needed not only to accurately segment their audience but also to engage them at optimal moments in their user journey, maximizing response rates.

In doing so, they could effectively address their challenges:

  • Collect a large number of qualified feedback
  • Collect feedback from the Spanish trafic
  • Centralize them automatically in a single tool
  • Analyze this data to identify needs and pain points
  • Know their users
  • Develop an user-centric product

Why Screeb? The right partner for Cedreo

After thorough research, Cedreo identified Screeb as the ultimate solution!

Indeed, Screeb checked all the right boxes:

It introduced a novel approach to gathering user feedback. Its user-friendly tools simplified survey creation. Collaboration among teams was seamless, and the icing on the cake? The setup process was a breeze. Screeb provided a streamlined, effective way for teams to gain deeper insights into their users. Also, Screeb allowed Cedreo, thanks to its tools, to isolate Spanish traffic in order to question them, and learn more about them in particular.

Following a comprehensive demo and extensive dialogues with the Screeb representatives to pinpoint Cedreo's requirements, Cedreo embarked on its journey to truly understand its users.

What transformations for Cedreo?

After implementing the Screeb tools, Cedreo embarked on its mission to truly understand its users. Within a remarkably short timeframe, the French company began to witness its initial transformations:

Feedback-Driven Innovation

After the Cedreo teams started using Screeb, the company achieved a notable milestone with a 78% full completion rate, indicating genuine engagement from their users. Their product teams, which had previously grappled with a dearth of insights, were now equipped with a consistent stream of valuable, qualified feedback from users. This not only enriched their decision-making but also liberated significant time.

With this improved structure in place, Cedreo was able to achieve its objective : prioritizing its features on its roadmap.

User-Centric Product Development

By diligently monitoring their NPS (Net Promoter Score), Cedreo kept a finger on the pulse of their customer sentiment. This enabled them to identify areas requiring enhancement, address user challenges, and deliver consistent value — all of which contributed to an uptick in their daily satisfaction metrics.

With their strategy now rooted in tangible insights, Cedreo confidently charted a course towards a more user-centric future.

Financial and Competitive Advantages

Armed with invaluable insights, Cedreo ensured that each dollar directed towards User Discovery was met with meaningful data and tangible value. Additionally, by increasing user satisfaction and loyalty translated into improved retention rates and potential market growth.

On average, Screeb's clientele, including businesses like Cedreo, benefit from time savings, cost reductions, and enhanced performance.

Conclusion: A Roadmap Guided by Users

Cedreo's journey with Screeb illustrates the power of user feedback in shaping a product.

Remarkably, with Screeb, a significant one-third of users actively engaged by providing feedback, underscoring a deeply invested user base.

By leveraging Screeb's intuitive feedback tools, Cedreo has not only aligned its product with user needs but also positioned itself strongly in a competitive market.

This case study demonstrates that understanding and prioritizing user feedback is key to developing successful products in any  industry.

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