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Screeb for Partners: Building together to make better product experiences

Michael Hirbec
Cofounder & CEO at Screeb

Since the launch of Screeb, our ambition is to become the best solution for product-led teams to build Better Product Experiences. Our goal is to make Screeb useful for Product people (Product Managers, UX researchers, Product Designers…) and transform users’ insights into faster decisions.

Measuring adoption, getting real feedback, and validating assumptions is not a simple task for any company, particularly for product teams. Screeb is reinventing the way Product teams collect and transform their user feedback into actionable insights. Companies like Pennylane, Japhy, Nespresso,, use Screeb every day! Not using Screeb yet? Try it now!

Today, I am very excited to launch Screeb for Partners, an ecosystem of tech & expert partners to help you to build better products :

Partnering with the best Product solutions 

Product teams use a dozen of different tools in their daily job (for prototyping, tracking usage, prioritizing, collaborating). That’s why we wanted Screeb to be integrated with key tools that Product teams use the most in their daily job.

We are now integrating with tools like Segment, Slack, Productboard, Harvestr, Stitch, Trello and more to come soon!If you use one of these tools and want to test it out, you can either try it for free during 2 weeks or either book a live demo with our dream team here to show you how it works!

The best network of Product experts

Our Expert Partners are a community of Product management experts at the service of your business if you are building a SaaS, Mobile app. If you need specific skills like Product Management, Product Design, User Research, our partners can help you in your projects and manage your Screeb surveys. Take a look at our Expert Partners.

Also for Startups we are launching an initiative with some incubators in France, to help their startups to benefit for free Screeb to reach their product market fit and get key insights from their first users.

I am very proud of the first partners that joined us in this journey and I wanted to thank them for their energy, passion and trust and the value they add to our clients. This definitely boosts us to make Screeb better everyday ! 
If you are a tech or a consulting agency company, take a look at our partnership program and let’s meet ! We’re going to onboard more partners in the next few months.

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