Meet Screeb: the Best Pendo Alternative

Why Companies Choose Screeb over Pendo


Screeb is the simplest way to do your User Research right from your product. It helps you analyze user behaviour and lets you collect user feedback, right from your SaaS or Mobile App, with a breakthrough survey experience. We're integrating with key Product tools like Productboard or Notion and our team is always available to help you with your surveys, whenever you need.


All of that starting at €79/month, with unlimited seats, surveys and analytics!
And it's even free if you only need NPS!


First, we'd like to give a quick nod to the team at Pendo 👏


The team at Pendo built a great solution, since their launch in 2013.

If you want traditional product analytics and the ability to display in-app guides, Pendo may be a good fit for you, as Amplitude or Mixpanel.

But, if you're looking for the best Product-Led User Research platform for Product Teams, and the best Pendo alternative with a strong focus on users and a breakthrough in-app survey experience, then you're in the right place. We've created Screeb for you.

Need more convincing?

We sat down with several ex-Pendo users to explain precisely on this page why you should choose Screeb as your Pendo Alternative:

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Reason #1: Analytics Focused on Users

Don't settle for macro-trends and feature-centric analytics. As other product-analytics platforms, Pendo provides insights on features, but not on the people actually using your product.

If you're looking for an alternative to Pendo helping you to answer key questions like "What should I build next for my Power Users?" or "What my Top 5 MRR think about my last feature?", then Screeb is there for you.

Reason #2: our Survey Experience & Response Rate

From day one, we've invested A LOT on your users' experience. We've reinvented the survey experience from the ground up, and it works.

In average, we see a 60% response rate on our surveys. For you, it means more data, a better quality of responses and being more confident on the decisions you'll take from them.

Screeb: The Best Getfeedback Alternative

Reason #3:  Powerful User Segmentation

Display surveys at the most relevant moments in your users' journey. Use our behavioural conditions, user attributes or events tracking to choose when your surveys should appear.

We're even integrated with so you don't have to make a new tagging plan just for us!

Targeting Conditions

+ Add a property


Reason #4: We're Integrating with your Product Stack

We're partnering with the key solutions of your Product Stack. Use your Segment events and identities to display and analyze your surveys, push user feedback to Productboard to build your roadmap, link Screeb to Notion to share insights with other teams...

Feedback are useful when they're shared and not locked in silos and Screeb is the best Pendo Alternative for product integrations.


Reason #5: We are not only providing surveys. We are a Product-Led User Research platform.

See precisely how people are using your app

users liam

Our mission is to help you better understand your users: how they behave in your app and how they feel about it.

Our pre-built reports will help you analyze user feedback: stunning charts, powerful filters, exports... You can even set automatic notifications in Slack to never miss anything!


Get qualitative insights to improve your product

Happiness Pie
happy team

Reason #6: Our Team of Experts is Here for You

Our team of product and feedback experts is dedicated to your success. Templates to ask the right questions in your surveys, ressources to succeed in your User Research, Customer Success Manager to understand your insights and take actions...

We're here, whenever you need it.

By the way, we're still a pretty young company so every customer counts: you'll be more than a number for us and we care deeply for Screeb to have a real impact in your team!

Reason #7:
Unlimited Seats, Unlimited Analytics, Unlimited Responses

Don't get penalized for success! You're team is growing? You need to track every actions in your product? You want to ask more questions to better understand your users?

With Screeb, you have unlimited seats for every member of your team and you can push as many surveys you want, with no limit on the analytics you'll get.

You don't have to pay more for some parts of our product. Everything is included. 


You don't believe us?

Well, it hurts a bit, but we get it. It's always better when it's said by actual users:


When we switched to Screeb, we multiplied by 5 the number of responses we got from our users! It really helps us to prioritize our product evolutions.

Now, we have a playbook for every problem we want to solve with key metrics. And the goals we set are quantitative AND qualitative.

Marion Turbet - Head of Product at Epsor

Screen Shot 2022-02-02 at 14.31.38

Screeb in-app surveys help us to spot product improvements and to align our teams on the right priorities. It became a central tool for our Product Team to build the future of accounting software.

Arthur Waller, Cofounder & CEO at Pennylane

Screen Shot 2022-02-02 at 14.35.03

And our users share great feedback about Screeb 👉

(Pun intended)

You Need a Good Old Comparison Table to find a great Pendo Alternative? Here it is:


Users Analytics

Breakthrough Survey Experience

Survey Personification (who’s asking the question)

Survey personnalisation with user data

User Targeting

   On Browsing Behaviour

   On User Properties

   On Event Tracking

   Powerful User Targeting on Native Mobile Apps

Prebuilt Reports

   Filter Results on User Properties

   Content Analysis

   User Analysis

Integration with Product Stack

Unlimited Seats

Unlimited Surveys

Unlimited Analytics


From €79/month

From $5000/year

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