Visualize your feedback like never before

Feedback become actionable with our pre-built dashboards

Best in class dashboards and analytics to dig into your users feedback and take action


All the major user metrics, but better

Screeb comes with all the major user metrics you need: Net Promoter Score, Customer Effort Score, User Satisfaction...

Our reports are built to be actionable and as detailed as possible. See, response per response, who told you what and in which context.

And, by the way, they look great and are so cool to share with your colleagues!

NPS browser

Accurate yet playful

Using our reports will become a happy habit: dig in your data, share them, get clear understanding of your users and identify patterns in a blink.


Link user properties to every response

Every property to share with us are linked to all your responses. So you say who responded what.

report churn

Aggregated views

Feel free to ask any type of questions: we aggregate the results for them to be easy to read.


Actionable Reports

Act on your feedback from dashboards and push the most important ones to your daily tools.

Instant responses analysis keywords segmentation

Get a clear understanding of the content of your users' feedback with our Keywords Analysis report. Don't be afraid of asking open questions anymore and collect hundreds, thousands or millions of responses!

Which topics are important for unhappy users? What people are talking about when they are giving feedback on mobile? What is bothering users giving you a bad NPS? Now, you can have the answer to these questions in a blink!


See how people are using your app

users liam

Ask questions to better
understand their behaviour


Get qualitative insights to improve your product

Happiness Pie

Set up in minutes*
and learn for years


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