Screeb VS Wootric

The Reasons Why Companies Choose Screeb over Wootric

You're looking for an alternative to Wootric? We've got you covered.


Reason #1

The Respondent Experience

Wootric is a traditionnal survey platform enabling you to collect NPS or customer satisfaction.


Compared to it, Screeb radically changes the way you can collect user feedback directly in your app.

We invest a lot in the respondent experience and our surveys are rich and engaging. On average, our users have a 60% response rate, enabling them to have more confidence in their data and to take better decisions for their product.

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NPS conversationnel

Reason #2

Build better surveys with logic jumps

Adapt the content of your survey based on the answers you collect. With our logic jumps inspired from chatbot builders, you can choose which questions you want to display next, according to the answer your user just gave.

This way, you are sure to ask relevant questions and to get the best answers.

logic jumps

Reason #3

Connect Screeb to your stack

Surveys answers can't stay in a silo. You need to share them in your team and with other teams to act on them and improve your customer's experience.

With Screeb, connect every step of your surveys to the right tool in your organization in a click!


Reason #4
Go beyond NPS and start tracking what matters

With more than 30 ready-to-use survey templates and pre-built dashboards, you can  go beyond NPS and track the quality of your customer experience, build your product roadmap and prevent churn. In a blink.

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30+ survey templates

Start from scratch or use one of our 30+ templates to deploy a new survey in a blink.


Pre-built dashboards

Product Market Fit, Customer Effort Score, Churn Prevention... Get precise insights to grow your business.



Collecting responses and insights is just the beginning. Share information with concerned teams and push data in your stack to act proactively.

Still not convinced?

Hundreds of companies offer survey software today, and we are sure that you've already tested a lot of them.
So we thought it would be easier for you if we'd just be real with you and share some of the top objections we hear about Screeb:

Objection #1
I'm already using a survey software

Survey software have two major flaws. First, most of your customers don't want to fill them. Actually, in average, only 12% of your target will answer your questions. It means that you miss TONS of valuable insights from them that would help you increase your retention.
Then, since the survey experience is broken, the data you collect is biased. Most of the time, you'll only get answers from really happy or really angry customers. What about all the others?

At Screeb, we spent a lot of time focusing on the respondent experience. It must be appealing to give you answers.

And it works: in average, our response rate is above 60% when the norm in the industry is around 12%. So even if you are already using another software, you should change to improve the quantity and the quality of insights you'll collect.

Objection #2

I'm not sure that I want to share surveys in-app

As CEB (a leading consulting firm in the customer experience industry) demonstrated back in 2010, your customers loyalty (= their willingness to repurchase products from you, or to continue using your solution) is massively impacted by the level of effort they have to put into their relationship with you.

So the more you'll simplify the way you ask questions, the more it will be in their journey, without interrupting them, the more and better insights you'll get.

Objection #3
I'm not sure I'll be able to justify the cost of your solution

If a great part of companies budget is focused on acquiring new customers, we also know that retaining them is key. And with Screeb, you'll have a great solution for that.

By being able to ask questions, collect product feedbacks, measure NPS, Satisfaction or Customer Effort Score and by pushing those insights in your stack, you'll react sooner, detect more opportunities and strengthen your relationship with your customers. And that's a real return on investment.

Objection #4
We're going to re-design our app so we'll wait

If you planned a re-design of your app, now is the best moment to deploy Screeb! You'll be able to collect invaluable insights that will help you re-design it, better understand why your customers are using it and detect opportunities of improvement.

So don't wait!

Objection #5
We're already using live chat (like Intercom)

That's great! Our cofounders worked at the leading European live chat company before founding Screeb, so we are pretty familiar with those. But we don't work against live chat software, we work with them!

For example, if you detect that your customer is unhappy in a Screeb survey, you can handle its case in Intercom!

Also, you can use our targeting engine to decide to which customers you want to push a survey, or to push live chat.

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