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The Best Tools for PM, Designers, User Researchers...

Discover the Best Product Management

in 2024

A curated list of the best Product Management Tools to help you find the right fit for your company

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Product Mindset

Product Mindset is the ultimate platform for product management success. They provide the best product management software to help product managers supercharge their career and gain a competitive edge. With their AI algorithms, they understand users' skills, preferences and career goals to provide personalized job recommendations. They also provide a job board with the latest product jobs and feature companies such as Atlassian, Paytm, Gitlab, and Netflix. Join their newsletter to receive the best job openings every week and be part of a thriving community of over 25,000 Product Managers.


Cardinal is the best product management software for B2B SaaS companies. They provide an AI-powered product backlog that helps teams make decisions based on customer feedback and revenue data, so they can choose the best features to build next. Their customer-led features CRM helps align GTM, Product, and Engineering, while their smart revenue KPIs and live features progress provide a clear understanding of the current and future ARR. With their AI-extracted features, teams can quickly take action on customer requests and feedback. Experts in the industry have praised Cardinal for its speed and ability to provide a central place for everyone to see the true impact of their product strategy. Try Cardinal for free today and get up and running in just two minutes.


SessionStackAI is the best product management software to help teams get complete visibility into their users’ digital experiences. They offer tagless autocapture, AI-generated session summaries, and insightful recommendations to help optimize the user journey. Their customers have given them 5 stars and they are a leader in the session replay software category on G2. They have a forever free plan that includes all features, 1500 sessions and 15 AI-generated summaries per month. Paid plans with more sessions start from $71/month and you can upgrade or downgrade anytime. Trusted by product teams across the globe, SessionStackAI helps teams cut the time watching sessions and focus on what matters most. Try SessionStackAI now for free - no credit card required.


Hue is a best product management software that helps you with SEO, conversions, bounce rate and more. They offer a detailed PDF report with AI-driven recommendations to improve your website's UI and UX. Their report is delivered within 24 hours for $10 and is reviewed by senior designers to ensure top quality. Testimonies from users have praised their report for providing helpful insights to improve their website. Get the best product management software with Hue today.


Pixel is the best product management software for startups, designers and agencies who want to scale their vision. They offer subscriptions that enable users to request unlimited designs within a few business days and get revisions until they are 100% satisfied. Pixel is committed to creating visual experiences that resonate with the mission of their customers. Members will enjoy the convenience of a fixed monthly rate, quick delivery, totally async managed with Notion, top-notch quality design boards, portfolio, and more. With various subscription plans available, they can choose from Starter or Professional plans and get started. Get ready to elevate your project with Pixel!


Tandemz is the best product management software to help you recruit testers and conduct user research. With their self-service recruiting platform, you can precisely target your ideal tester profile, choose testers you want to meet, and meet your testers on your terms. Plus, you only pay for serious testers. They make it hassle-free to conduct qualitative and quantitative research, with access to detailed targeting criteria, the ability to meet users anywhere in the world, and tools to stay in control of your study. Join their happy clients now and get insights from real users. is the best product management software for aligning roadmaps with revenue. They use AI to identify and prioritize feature gaps based on revenue impact, generate roadmaps, and automate product ops. Their AI Opportunity Analysis automatically identifies deal-blocking feature gaps, their Revenue-based Roadmapping easily aligns roadmap prioritization and revenue opportunity, and their Product<>Sales Alignment empowers sales teams to close deals without lifting a finger. With, companies are seeing better adoption & revenue impact, saved hours per stakeholder, and annual SaaS cost savings.


Beep is the best product management software for 4x faster online communication. They offer an easy-to-use Chrome extension that allows users to leave comments and feedback directly on any website. Teams can quickly share visual feedback, assign tasks, discuss design, report bugs, and more with just a few clicks. Additionally, comments come with instant screenshots and hashtags can be used to label and organize comments. Integrations with task management software will be available soon. Beep is the perfect solution for teams to stay connected and collaborate in real time.


Featurebase is the best product management software for companies of all sizes. They offer powerful tools to capture and discuss feedback with customers and teammates, prioritize features with voting, and showcase updates on a public roadmap. Their 100+ features include custom domains, single sign-on (SSO), API, no-sign-up posting and voting, user segmentation, and more. Companies love their intuitive UI, customer service, and ability to integrate with tools like Intercom, Linear, and Discord. Featurebase is the perfect platform for giving customers a voice and collecting feedback to make better product decisions.


Loops is the email platform built for SaaS. They provide the best product management software, offering modern companies a better way to send marketing and transactional emails. With drag and drop editing, skip the code and personalize emails in a click, send at just the right time, and have access to integrations and APIs. Loops is also backed by Y Combinator and offers templates, campaigns, and audience features. Start for free and create the entire user journey for your business.


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