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Video Survey : Introducing Screeb's Game-Changing New Era of Feedback Collection!

Discover Screeb's groundbreaking Audio-Video Surveys! Dive into a new era of feedback collection, engage users like never before, and capture genuine, spontaneous reactions. Elevate your user experience today, and increase your response rate by 35%!

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Clément Gauthier
Video Survey : Introducing Screeb's Game-Changing New Era of Feedback Collection!

Boost your Response Rate by 35% : Introducing Screeb's Game-Changing Audio-Video Surveys!

In the dynamic realm of user feedback, Screeb has consistently led the charge, redefining boundaries and establishing new benchmarks. After revolutionizing the feedback collection sphere in 2021 with pioneering formats, we proudly achieved an exceptional average response rate of 60%, all the while providing an unmatched user experience. Yet, our journey of innovation isn't at its end. We're excited to introduce our next groundbreaking feature: Audio-Video Survey

Capture the very essence of your users' feelings with Video Feedback and Audio Responses

Picture this: instead of merely reading feedback, you can see and hear your users articulate their experiences. With Screeb's innovative feature, this vision transitions from dream to reality. Users can now respond using video or voice messages, offering a more immediate and authentic avenue to convey their sentiments. This approach not only brings a human touch to the feedback process but also delves deeper, capturing users' emotions and nuances in real-time. Indeed, according to Dr. Albert Mehrabian's widely cited research, communication is only 7% verbal and 93% non-verbal. With this feature, you can finally capture the essence of your user's feelings.

Engage Users with Personalised Video Survey

Engagement is the cornerstone of gathering insightful feedback. And what could be more engaging than responding surveys through a video format? Screeb's pioneering feature allows you to present visual concepts, highlight your product, and crucially, reveal the genuine faces posing the inquiries. This intimate connection not only cultivates trust but also prompts users to offer candid and sincere feedback.

The Power of Natural, Spontaneous Feedback

In our beta testing phase, the outcomes exceeded all expectations. Video surveys recorded an impressive 35% surge in response rates! However, it wasn't just the numbers that mattered; the depth of the feedback was equally significant. Users provided more organic and immediate responses, unbounded by the confines of text. Freed from deliberating over wording, they voiced their feelings directly, paving the way for deeper and more genuine insights.

Elevate Your User Experience with Screeb's Audio & Video Surveys

In today's hyper-competitive landscape, truly comprehending your users is crucial. With Screeb's audio and video surveys, it's not merely about gathering feedback; it's about forging deeper relationships while saving time. According to a report by Forrester Research, one minute of video is worth 1.8 million words in terms of the message's impact and retention. By heightening engagement and seizing authentic responses, you position yourself to elevate the user experience and make strategic choices that truly echo with your target audience.

So, are you primed to harvest richer, more insightful user feedback while saving crucial time? Embark on the next chapter with Screeb's Audio-Video Surveys!

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