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NPS is now a commodity and it should be free. Here’s why we’ve decided to make it free for any companies in the world.

Michael Hirbec
Cofounder & CEO at Screeb

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In a world where billions of people use everyday applications on web and mobile, the main challenge for companies is to build the best products and services with a greater user experience to maintain their growth and exceed their customer’s expectations. Screeb’s mission is to give people a voice at the best time, best moment on the right device along their user journey. We transform user insights into faster decisions for product, customer success and marketing teams to build the best product experiences of tomorrow.

When launching Screeb on the market in early 2021, we’ve talked with hundreds of companies in various industries with Product, Marketing, Customer success, Experience teams. They all have one thing in common:  they all want to measure the loyalty of their customers but they all struggle to collect responses. 

The NPS – alone – is both too limited and at the same time has become a kind of commodity. Everybody measures it, but nobody really knows why or what to do with the result.

That’s why we decided to make it 100% free in Screeb! No limit on the number of people surveyed or on the answers collected.

It’s also to affirm that the real value of user feedback lies elsewhere, in the ability to ask other questions at key moments of their journey, directly in-app or on the site (otherwise we go out of context and the response rates are too low to really rely on the data collected).

Screeb is now for free for any companies that want to measure their NPS on their website, mobile in-app iOS and Android. 

Why should you use Screeb NPS Free and stop wasting hundred dollars every month on a simple NPS question widget ? 

1. Screeb has been built for people

Your customers will have a unique survey experience : Human, Personalized, Emotional and conversational.

2. Create your surveys in minutes

and ask directly in-app (mobile and web) on auto-pilot.

3. Get access to your NPS dashboard in real-time

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