The most efficient tool to prevent churn

Prevent churn and understand what drives your users to leave

Churn can kill your company. Understand its roots to prevent it and retain your users.


A real time view of churn risk and growth opportunities.

Using our templates and our pre-built dashboards, get a real time pulse of your portfolio and identify which customers are at risk and those you can grow.

Push data in your stack to proactively act to prevent customers to leave and to seize every opportunities.


With the available integrations, we've been able to automate our user feedback process without changing the habits of our Product Team.

Screeb helps us to really integrate our users in the conception of our product.

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Use churn to improve your product

A customer decided to leave? It's sad nut use this opportunity to understand why and improve your product to better retain those who are still here!


Simply ask why they left

Is it because of your features? Your experience? Your customer service? Ask your users why they are leaving.

report churn

Precise reports

Identify precisely the reasons that made them leave in our pre-built dashboards and filter your data to identify patterns.


Take actions in your daily stack

Share data with all the stakeholders to act on your roadmap, alert the correct teams and improve your customer service.

🆕 Instant responses analysis keywords segmentation

Get a clear understanding of the content of your users' feedback with our Keywords Analysis report. Don't be afraid of asking open questions anymore and collect hundreds, thousands or millions of responses!

Which topics are important for unhappy users? What people are talking about when they are giving feedback on mobile? What is bothering users giving you a bad NPS? Now, you can have the answer to these questions in a blink!


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