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State of Product Discovery in 2023

Product Discovery ensures that the products developed address real problems and generate a positive impact for both the user and the organizations creating these products. We interviewed hundreds of product people to understand their relationship with this practice.

Product Discovery is still growing inside product teams

Product Discovery is now widely known, but its importance is still rarely perceived by all stakeholders, especially in larger companies. Where it is practiced, Discovery spreads beyond the Product and Design team. In almost half of the companies, Customer Success teams are also involved due to their proximity to customers.

One of the current challenges is to continue democratizing Product Discovery and to make its importance understood by a larger audience, especially by executive teams who still have a limited understanding of its value and tend to prioritize Delivery over it.

Download the study to know more about the habits around Product Discovery

In this study you will find :

  • Challenges that other product people face when they launch Discovery and how they overcome them
  • How product teams are organized in order to be great at Discovery.
  • The full toolkit for a good Product Discovery.

Enjoy !

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