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Expert Written Templates

Use one of our 30+ templates developed by our team of feedback experts and get responses for every question you may have.


Templates for Product Teams

Gather product feedbacks, prioritize feature development, gauge your product value, build your product roadmap... Everything you need to know as a Product Team is available in our templates.

product feedback

Collect Product Feedback

Get actionable product feedback to improve your product over time.

sign up experience

Evaluate Sign Up Experience

Evaluate the sign up experience of your users and understand user expectations when they chose you.

ease of use

Gauge your Product Ease of Use

Measure your product usability and identify improvements to make.

customer effort score

Customer Effort Score

Measure the level of effort needed to use your product.


Prioritize Features

Identify which features your users are waiting for and act on your roadmap to improve your user experience.


Gauge your Product Value

Understand how valuable your product is for your users.

user experience

Evaluate User Experience

Measure core aspects of the experience of your product.


Build Your Product Roadmap

Ask your users for what you should add in your product and use this survey to build your roadmap.


Product Reliability

Measure the level of reliability and performance of your product and identify opportunities of improvements.

onboarding experience

Onboarding Experience

Evaluate the onboarding experience of your product and spot improvements.

feature satisfaction

Gauge Feature Satisfaction

Understand user satisfaction about a specific feature and identify opportunities to improve it.

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Templates for Customer Success Teams

Track the North Star metrics of your team and act proactively on your portfolio with our Customer Success templates.


Measure NPS

Measure if your users are likely to recommend you to their friends or colleagues and understand why.

intent to renew

Measure Intent to Renew

Measure your users' intentions to renew their subscription with your product and identify churn risk.

customer satisfaction

Measure Customer Satisfaction

Measure the level of your users happiness.


Reduce Churn

Understand what led your users to stop their subscription and improve your service to retain the others.

future usage intent

Gauge Future Usage Intent

Measure your users' intentions to continue using your product in the future.

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Templates for Marketing Teams

Get qualitative insights about your users, your product market fit or your competitors by using one of our templates made for Marketing Teams.

user qualification

Improve User Qualification

Ask key questions to qualify your user and increase your customer knowledge.

product strengths

Identify Product Strengths

Identify aspects of your product that your users value most and improve your marketing materials.

product market fit

Measure Product Market Fit

Learn how your users would feel if they could not use your product anymore.


Identify Your Competitors

Discover other products your users are considering using instead of yours and identify your biggest competitors.


Gauge Trustworthiness

Measure the level of trust your users have in your company. Use this survey to find ways to increase confidence and loyalty.


Identify Customer Goals

Understand your customers' goals when they are using your product

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