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Next-Gen Product Discovery

with AI-Powered Insights

Harness the power of artificial intelligence to effortlessly craft surveys, analyze user feedback, and receive actionable recommendations.

Dive into a world where AI simplifies product discovery, offering you a streamlined path to understanding and enhancing user experiences.

AI-driven insights for smarter product discovery and enhancement

Empower your product decisions with AI-driven feedback analysis.

Understand Everything without Reading Everything

Get a summary of your users' feedback to understand what they're talking about before digging into data.

See What are the Most Recurring Topics Among Feedback

Having a clear understand of what's happening is key to prioritize better.

Get Actionable Product Improvement Suggestions to Build your Roadmap

Our AI based on GPT can give you suggestions of what you should build in your product based on in-app customer feedback.

Share AI Learnings in your Organisation

Share everything you've learned with AI among your organisation thanks to our catalog of integrations.

AI-Powered Survey Creation

Harness the power of AI to craft surveys tailored to your needs. Simply state your objective, and our advanced algorithms will design a survey optimized for maximum response rates.

Dive into the future of feedback collection with Screeb's AI-driven approach, ensuring you're always aligned with the "AI Based Product Discovery" trend.

Automated Content Analysis

Say goodbye to the tedious task of manually sifting through feedback. Our AI not only categorizes user feedback but also provides concise summaries and actionable recommendations.

This ensures you get the essence of what your users are saying without getting lost in the details, streamlining your product discovery process.

Made for Every Product Team

B2B SaaS
Screeb helps us to spot product improvements and to align our teams on the right priorities. It became a central tool for our Product Team to build the future of accounting software.

Arthur Waller

CEO @Pennylane

B2C Mobile App
Our industry is highly competitive so we need to craft the best app on the market.Screeb helps us to that at every stage of our projects.

Louay Ali

Principal Product Owner @Rabbit

Checking Screeb is now the first thing I do every morning. It helps us to spot frictions and improvement opportunities that we’ve never discovered before.

Florian Ardérighi

Head of Product @Smallable

Intelligent Product Recommendations

Let AI be your product strategist. Screeb's advanced algorithms analyze the feedback you collect, offering precise suggestions on enhancements or additions to your product.

Ensure your product evolves in line with user requirements, and stay ahead in the AI Based Product Discovery landscape.

Weekly AI Insights Report

Stay updated without the hassle. Every week, receive a comprehensive report in your inbox, detailing key insights from your user feedback.

Crafted by our AI, this report provides a quick overview of user sentiments, helping you make informed decisions and aligning with the principles of AI Based Product Discovery.


Centralize your knowledge and interact with it like never before. Store all your insights in 'Learnings' and engage in natural language conversations with our AI.

Whether you're asking questions or seeking clarifications, get instant, clear responses, making knowledge sharing within your team more efficient and in sync with AI Based Product Discovery.

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