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Stop struggling finding the right people for your tests and get participants in minutes


Segment your users

Recruit tests participants in a few clics

Stop fighting with your CRM to find the perfect users to invite to your tests. Create lists of users based on their behaviour in your product and any business data you have in Screeb, in a blink!

Additionnal properties

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Stop relying on Sales & Customer Success to find participants

While Sales & Customers Success may have a biased opinion of who you should contact, find the right participants for your user tests and beta directly in your product and segment your users based on their actual usage.

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Recruit right in your product

You need volunteers for your next beta test? Enlist them right from your product with our expert-written template! Get dozens of applicants in minutes and never struggle to build your panels anymore!

Find tests participants based on their actual product usage

The name of their company or their amount of MRR may not be enough to find the right participants for your user tests. Filter users based on their actual behavior in your product, on events they trigger, on the feature they use or not. Export your list in CSV to contact them by email in 2 clicks!

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