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Survey templates to help you build your roadmap

Discover how Screeb's survey templates can enhance your product roadmap process. With templates for collecting product feedback, building your roadmap, and prioritizing feature development, you can effectively gather user needs and align them with your roadmap priorities.

In-App Survey & Feedback
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Clément Gauthier
survey templates to help you build your roadmap without fear of disappointing your users

As the team is growing here at Screeb, the need for a better structuration regarding the way we build our own roadmap is now stronger.

One of the key for that is to show, internally, that some features are a priority for our users. And since we work with dozens of other product teams, we started to see some patterns of good ways to collect users' needs and transform them into items in a roadmap.

To facilitate their work, we released 3 survey templates in Screeb to help you build your roadmap without fear of disappointing your users :

📝 Collect Product Feedback

It's a generic template that can help you collect global feedback about your product or more precise ones about a specific feature. With this template, you'll understand how you can improve your product and what is missing today.

🗺 Roadmap template

This template is for your users to express their needs of new features and explain why they need them. That's one of the most powerful tool for you to have a clear understanding of what you should do next and how your product could be even more valuable to your users.

🎯 Prioritize Feature Development

You listed the next features you want to work on but you're not sure in which order you should release them? This template is the perfect solution for you. It will help you to simply ask your users for their priorities and to choose among your project the one they prefer.

👉 Bonus Tips

Once your users told you what they need, our advice is to connect their responses to a roadmapping solution, like ProductBoard or Harvestr. This way, you'll centralize your feedback in a tool and you'll be able to identify the one that are the most popular.

Connecting Screeb to those solutions is made in two clicks!

These 3 templates are part of our 30+ library of templates designed to help Produt Teams, Customer Success Teams and Marketing Teams to survey their users. Have a look at them on this dedicated page!

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