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5 ways surveys can help startups acquiring more customers

Startups often struggle to acquire their first customers and align their products with market needs. Screeb has identified five survey templates that can help businesses to better understand their target audience and improve their product positioning.

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Clément Gauthier
5 ways surveys can help startups acquiring more customers

For startups, besides building a great product, one of the main challenge is to acquire its first customers. To find people or companies facing the problem you want to solve, and convincing them to try - and then to buy - your product.

At Screeb, we identified 5 survey templates that can help you better understand your targets, and so better position your offer to convert more.

Here's the list:

🎯 Identify Customer Goals

This is a perfect way to better understand why people came on your website, or why they tested your app. That is the best way to identify their real needs, what they are looking for, and maybe adapt your offers or messaging to fit their expectations.

👤 Improve User Qualification

Knowing your current customers will help you better target your acquisition actions. What is their job? For which kind of companies are they working? What is the size of their team? Tons of information you can collect on the fly, while their using your app or your website and that will help your having a better picture of who you should target.

💜 Measure Product Market Fit

During the first months of a startup, we are looking for our Product Market Fit: the proof that our product is aligned with market's needs. And when you found it, it's way easier to sell your product. So being able to measure your level of Product Market Fit and track if the changes you make have an effect is key.

With this template you can simply ask your users how they would feel if they could not use your product anymore. The more disappointed they would be, the better it is!

🔢 Measure NPS

It's a classic one, but still pretty efficient! Keeping an eye on the level of satisfaction and loyalty of your users will help you understand how you can acquire more customers. It will also help you to spot promoters that will help you spread your message to their peers.

🔁 Measure Intent to Renew

To acquire new customers, understanding if existing ones want to renew their subscription and why could be key. That may show you a perfect alignment between your users and your offer, and the need to make adjustments.

How to use these templates and acquire more customers?

If you want to use these templates and start acquiring more customers thanks to surveys, you can sign up for Screeb today and deploy them in minutes!

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