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Enrich your User Research with Segment Identities and Events

Use the most popular Customer Data Platform to analyze your users' behavior and display your Screeb in-app surveys. Get real-time reports based on Segment identities and events without deploying a new tracking plan!

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Raphael Alapini
Segment and Screeb

Screeb + Segment = 🫶

The most popular CDP for SaaS and the most advanced User Research solution are a perfect fit. Connect your accounts in a blink and start targeting your users based on the data you have in Segment.

Filter our pre-built dashboards with those same data and get a better understanding of the actions made in your product and the responses of your surveys.

Popular Segment integrations

Use other Segment integrations data in Screeb and target your users in the most precise way!

Amplitude (Analytics)

Use surveys responses to better understand your product usage, all in one place!

Heap (Analytics)

Record survey responses as events and better understand your users!

Intercom (Customer Success)

Make survey responses user properties in Intercom and trigger messages (email, chat...).

Userlist (Marketing)

Trigger marketing automation campaigns based on survey responses collected in Screeb.

Trustpilot (Review)

Send an email to ask your users to share their reviews on Truspilot after responding to a survey.

MadKudu (Enrichment)

Enrich your lead scores with data coming from Screeb surveys.

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Understand Each User Segment

Create user segments and understand what they're doing in your product, how they use specific features and what are the similarities between your users.

This way, you have a clear understanding of your users like never before and you're able to make the right decisions in a blink.

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