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How to ensure your product resonates with your users? A Partoo method

The path to success isn't always linear, discover How to ensure your product resonates with your users with Partoo Success Story!

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How to ensure your product resonates with your users? A Partoo method

How to ensure your product resonates with your users?

A Partoo method 🚀

The Challenge of Resonating Products

In the dynamic realm of product development, the path to success isn't always linear. Sometimes, it's about finding resonance, a sweet spot where your product effortlessly strikes a chord with your user's needs and wants.

Anaïs Berlioz-Latour, the Lead Product Manager at Partoo, has a key word for this : Prioritize.

It's not just about listing problems, but discerning which ones deserve immediate attention.

Why "Prioritising" is the Backbone of Resonant Product Development ?

"Prioritising means focusing energy where it matters most."

Anaïs's wisdom spotlights the crucial nature of directing resources where they yield the greatest value. Lacking a systematic approach to prioritization can lead teams to inadvertently expend energy on secondary issues, neglecting those demanding immediate attention.

If you're wondering how to bridge the gap between user needs and product offerings, this strategy of Prioritising could be your answer.

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Unravelling User Journeys: Identifying the Problems

Every user journey unfolds like a story, marked by moments of joy and instances of frustration. Through detailed mapping of these journeys, product teams gain an intimate insight into the challenges and delights users encounter. For Partoo, the mission is straightforward but deep: pinpoint these issues. Anaïs stresses the importance of staying alert, maintaining a keen ear to user feedback, and perpetually honing this comprehension.

The Art and Science of Prioritising

When these challenges are unveiled, the true work commences. The question arises: which issue should be addressed first? This is where adept prioritization becomes paramount. For the Partoo team, it involves a delicate balance between internal surveys and gathering invaluable user feedback. Internal surveys help to align the team's viewpoint with the product's overall vision, whereas external feedback ensures that the users' voices are not just acknowledged but also heeded.

Partoo: a winning strategy

By prioritizing the most pressing issues, Partoo has adeptly concentrated their resources and efforts towards the areas of highest impact. This boosts not only the efficiency of their development cycles but also elevates the end user experience. As a result, Partoo's offerings are more and more in tune with authentic user desires, distinguishing them in a crowded market. Adopting such a strategic stance bolsters brand trust, cultivates user loyalty, and establishes Partoo as a leader in crafting user-focused solutions.

Screeb: Your Partner in Feedback Collection

Creating a product that resonates with users is a delicate balance between intuition and data-driven insights. Screeb excels in the realm of the latter, offering powerful tools to gather, dissect, and respond to user feedback. With Screeb's capabilities, integrating user insights into your product roadmap becomes effortless, ensuring prioritization is an integral component of your product development journey.

In the pursuit of creating a product that genuinely connects, the insights from Anaïs Berlioz-Latour shine a guiding light. It's about discerning user needs and shaping your direction accordingly. Identify the pain points, grasp the essence of user sentiments, and tailor your strategy around these revelations.

And as you embark on this user-focused journey, remember: Screeb is right alongside you, amplifying user feedback and ensuring it steers your product's progression. Are you set to delve deeper into user-driven development?

To find out more, watch the full video of our interview with Anaïs 👇

Product Backstage #004
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