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Quick polls: How to get feedback from your customers

Are you seeking valuable insights from your customers? Discover the power of quick polls with Screeb. This article explores the importance of using quick polls to gather feedback and make informed business decisions. Learn how to effortlessly create engaging quick polls with various question formats, seamlessly integrate with your existing tools, and target specific moments for optimal feedback collection. With Screeb's high conversion rate and non-intrusive approach, you can enhance your retention and boost decision-making. Sign up for an invite to Screeb and unlock the potential of real-time feedback today.

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Clément Gauthier
Quick polls: How to get feedback from your customers

Your customers visit your website, they use your app, and sometimes you wish you could ask them what they think about a new feature you just released, why they did a specific action, or what they thought about a new wording you're testing.

Several solutions exist to do that: you can ask physical or virtual focus groups, to gather a group of your customers lookalikes and ask them the questions. You can dig into your website analytics and analyse their behaviour.

Or you can simply ask them while they are still on your website, with Screeb.

Why using quick polls is important?

Everyday, you have to make decisions for your business. Website improvements, new feature prioritisation, product missing in your line...

But, to be sure you make the right decisions, you need data. A lot of solutions exist to help you do that: analytics software like Google Analytics or Mixpanel, testing platforms like Maze, or focus groups to gather people in a room and ask them questions. But nothing can compete with real-time feedback from the actual people you want to ask questions to.

This is how you'll get in-context, accurate, precise data, right from the persons you want to reach, where you want to improve your performances.

Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is essential for understanding how your users perceive your product and identifying areas for improvement. Quick polls are a powerful tool for gathering real-time customer feedback. By integrating quick polls into your website or app, you can collect immediate responses from your users, providing valuable insights that drive data-informed decisions and enhance user experience.

Quick Feedback

Quick feedback is vital for agile decision-making and continuous improvement. Quick polls facilitate the collection of instant feedback from users, allowing businesses to react promptly to user needs and preferences. This immediacy helps in refining products, enhancing features, and addressing issues before they escalate, ultimately leading to a more responsive and user-centered approach to product development.

Collection Tools

Collection tools are crucial for gathering and analyzing user data efficiently. Quick polls, as part of a robust collection toolset, offer a seamless way to gather targeted feedback without disrupting the user experience. Tools like Screeb enable businesses to create and deploy quick polls easily, ensuring that valuable user insights are collected at the right moment and integrated into other systems for comprehensive analysis.

How to create quick polls with Screeb

Nothing is more easy than to create a quick poll in Screeb.

When you create a new Screeb, you can add a type of question corresponding to what you want to collect: yes/no, NPS, CES, short text, long text... you name it. Our advice: start with one of our highly engaging format to engage your users and continue with more open questions. That's the best way for you to collect as many feedback as possible, at least for the first steps of your surveys.

Then, you can connect your answers in one clic to any other tool you may use in your stack: CRM, ticketing software, features management solution, etc.

With an average conversion rate of more than 70%, without interrupting your visitors, Screeb is the best way of doing quick polls.

When to display a quick poll to your users?

The best moment to display a quick poll is when you want to collect feedback. With Screeb, you can use our targeting engine, on any page, to display the right conversational survey regarding the context of your user. So right on the homepage, on product pages, on a new feature, etc.

Start creating quick polls with Screeb

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