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Screeb Raises €1.5M: Why and What Does it Mean for the Future of Product-Led User Research?

Screeb, a leading company in user research and product management, is excited to announce the successful completion of a 1.5 million euros Seed Round funding. Epopée Gestion, SuperCapital, and various SaaS experts have participated in this funding round. As everything becomes digital, Product Teams play a pivotal role in organizations by understanding user needs, developing solutions, and building exceptional products. In a world with shrinking budgets, it is crucial for companies to prioritize building delightful user experiences to retain costly acquired users. Screeb believes that a new approach to User Research and Product Management is necessary, including understanding user demographics, identifying ambassadors and power users, and addressing user dissatisfaction. By asking contextual questions, understanding user behavior, and overcoming biased feedback, Product Teams can thrive in this new environment and build outstanding products. The recent funding will accelerate the development of new features and products, enhancing product quality and teamwork with collaborative features. This achievement also reflects the vibrant Product community, with Screeb aiming to actively contribute through content and events. The company invites individuals to explore job opportunities and sign up for a Free Account to experience Screeb's innovative solutions.

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Photo de Clément Gauthier
Clément Gauthier
Screeb Raises €1.5M: Why and What Does it Mean for the Future of Product-Led User Research?

Hi everyone!

Today I’m pleased to announce that Screeb raised a Seed Round of 1.5 million euros with Epopée Gestion, SuperCapital and several SaaS experts.

Everything has become digital. Our bank is now a mobile app, we buy our groceries online and we use dozen of SaaS everyday. To craft the best experience possible for those tools, Product Teams have taken a central role in organisations. They are in charge of understanding people’s needs, conceiving solutions and making sure that they’re building the best products.

And in a world where budgets are shrinking, building a delightful experience that will retain more users that have been expensively acquired is now mandatory.

That’s why we believe that companies need a new approach to User Research and Product Management.

They need to be able to understand who’s using their app, which groups of users are the most important to follow and what are their shared traits. Spotting your ambassadors, your power users, the people that are slipping away or those who don’t get enough value from your product is an unfair advantage for Product Teams that help them prioritise faster.

They need to be able to ask questions in-context, to finally understand why people are behaving like this, how they feel or what you should build next.

They need to find solutions to complete biased feedback coming from support conversations (concerning only people who contacted support) or 1-1 tests and interviews, highly qualitative but really time consuming.

Filling these needs makes Product Teams able to build the best products and thrive in this new environment.

This Seed Round we are announcing today will let us accelerate the development of new products and features that will help you improve every aspect of your product and the way you are working as a team, with more collaborative features.

But it’s also one more signal that the Product community is sparkling. Content, events, Slack groups… A lot is happening around Product today and, with this fund raising, we want to be even more active in the ecosystem. So in the coming weeks, we’re also planning to announce new formats and content that we hope you’ll enjoy and find useful for you and your team.

Raising funds, even in this tough context for startups, is not an achievement. It’s fuel to accelerate and deliver our vision.

And if you like this vision, you can have a look at our open positions in the team and/or create your Free Account and try Screeb today!

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